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In Quantum Energy Transformation™, we don’t meditate! We experience Guided Connections™.
A Guided Connection™ has similar characteristics to meditation, BUT is QUITE DIFFERENT! 


Below on this page, are two sample Guided Connections™ for you to experience

Guided Connections™ hold a more powerful purpose, creates deeper emotional, energetic and physical changes and grounds you into your body more fully than meditations do. 

The most magical part of these Guided Connections™ are your ability to access the Quantum Field to create positive, lasting and beneficial changes that allow you to live life on your terms. Get ready to feel CONFIDENT, and even UNSTOPPABLE!

While meditations are about quieting the mind, Guided connections™ invite cellular information, (energy) to spontaneously move in the body at the cellular level, to create powerful Quantum Shifts. This stored information that is ready to transmute, is located as packets of energy in the cells of our bodies and holds the root cause of any issue or problem. 

When you move the energy… shift happens! 😂

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You don’t require a problem to experience a Guided Connection™. Simply by listening and connecting to yourself, You’ll receive great benefits; grounding, ascension and evolution.

Guided Connections™ are easier, DON’T require visualization or going into a deep trance. Guided Connections™ connect YOU directly with your body to strengthen your energy and emotions. During this experience you’ll move and transform energy, and clear the stored, NOT so useful cellular memories that have been plaguing you for years, in just minutes. 

And even if you have trouble meditating, or have NEVER been successful with meditation in the past, you WILL be able to experience a Guided Connection™ with great success! 

Guided Connections™ invite you back into yourself and into your body where cellular transformation happens.

Copy of UPDATED BY JOSHUA QET™ Pendant Brochure Letter to be sent once shipped (1)_edited.

How to Experience These Guided Connections™

In the following Guided Connection™ experiences, I will be asking you to breathe deeper and explore what's inside of you, while connecting to yourself. So when the process begins, breathe deeper throughout the entire Guided Connection™ experience. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth for a more powerful effect.

If you begin feeling lightheaded and tingly in any part of your body during this experience, know that you are completely safe. This is a clue that you are on the right track and cellular transformation is happening.


DON’T judge this Guided Connection™ experience. Simply put your awareness at the base of your spine (the tailbone) or lower, and enjoy! If your mind starts to think, that’s OK. If you want to eliminate your thoughts, simply put your awareness lower in your body. That’s it! Easy!

Need help?! Hit me up on messenger :-) 


During your Guided Connection™ experiences, stay in your body, breathe and pay attention to what's inside of you. Remember, this is a whole body experience rather than simply a mind experience.


You will be using all of your senses, including your sense of intuition, what you feel inside and other sensations in your body. I’ll invite you to engage in these processes in your own personal way. There is NO wrong way!


So, let’s begin and start becoming relaxed, open and ready to have a powerful Quantum Experience.

After engaging these processes, you’ll be feeling lighter, freer and more grounded. You may even feel energized and calm at the same time, which is the optimal state of being to achieve.

Let’s go…

Copy of UPDATED BY JOSHUA QET™ Pendant Brochure Letter to be sent once shipped (1)_edited.

The Falling Leaf Guided Connection™

You’re about to explore some new territory in your body with the Falling Leaf Guided Connection™. You’ll be dropping a leaf down from the top of your head, to the base of your spine, as it goes down deeply through the inside of your body. This is a beautiful connection experience. You’ll feel deeply relaxed and grounded. Let go of the rules and just have fun! See how you feel after the experience, as I take you on a journey deep within. 

You don’t have to visualize, but if you do, that’s OK. This audio is easy to experience and quite fun! If you feel the leaf falling down or NOT, it’s all good! While you're experiencing this audio, at any given moment, to your surprise and amazement, you'll feel movement in your body, and everything will come together for you with grace and ease.

Copy of UPDATED BY JOSHUA QET™ Pendant Brochure Letter to be sent once shipped (1)_edited.

The Grounding Hand Guided Connection™

Copy of UPDATED BY JOSHUA QET™ Pendant Brochure Letter to be sent once shipped (1)_edited.

Yes, this is very simple and easy. So remember,
if the process seems difficult, it’s NOT QET™!

In this deep grounding Guided Connection™, you’ll be using your real hand to help ground you deeper into your body, like you may never have experienced before. You’ll begin feeling more safe, secure and stable as you go through this powerful experience.

I’ll guide you to move your hand slowly down your body from the top of your head, down. Each time you bring your hand down your body, you’ll feel more and more grounded with ease. Remember to breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth for a stronger connection and effect.

By the end of the Guided Connection™, you’ll be in your power, feel strong and stable emotionally, energetically and physically. Give it a go and see how you feel by the end of the experience. 


Now that you’ve experienced these powerful Guided Connections™, reach out to me on messenger and let me know how you did! I’m excited to hear about your success. Also, if you have any questions or need anything, just hit me up on messenger and I’ll be there for you.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you after your experience. 


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Joshua Bloom

Creator of Quantum Energy Transformation™ and #1 Best-Selling Author of The Ultimate Answer …Is Inside™ with foreword written by World Renowned Scientist and Best Selling Author, Bruce Lipton, PH.D.

Teaching Empaths & Intuitives To Harness Their Innate Quantum Powers To Become Limitless!

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