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Manifest Your Best Health & Wellness Right Now…

Even if you’ve tried everything else and failed over and over again!

Even if you’ve tried everything else and failed over and over again!

Hey, it's Joshua again… just one more quick message…

When someone like you eliminates their stress, you start to feel so much better, happier and much more balanced emotionally and energetically. 

BUT as an empath, intuitive or healing practitioner, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You must consider ALL aspects of your wellbeing. Your Success depends on it…

This one thing will cause most empaths to fail. Don’t let it be you!...

Consider the Empath’s Wheel to Success below. It shows that in order to manifest the life you choose to have, you need to create life balance by putting energy into each of the following areas: 


The Empath's Wheel to Success

The Empath's Wheel to Success

The Bottom Line...



Here’s a quick example from my life: I’ve struggled with balance for myself over and over again. I’ve always been amazing at helping others, but when it has come to helping myself… NOT too much! 

Then I learned how to Manifest what I require in my life. From Money to health, wealth… you name it, I’ve manifested it! 

When I had migraine headaches, I manifested the resolution and I went from having consistent cluster migraine headaches to only getting a migraine headache once or twice a year. 

When I was freaked out by public speaking, I manifested fearlessness and now speak to large crowds of people with ease all of the time. 

When I had no money and didn’t know where to turn, I manifested The Quantum Healing Center with what seemed like almost no effort and today I live a full and abundant life. 

These are just a few things I manifested and I’m always manifesting health, wellness and abundance for myself in my life consistently and so can you!


Attract Health, Wellness, Money… Anything from the 
“Empath’s Wheel to Success” in the blink of an eye!

Shocking Truth: Affirmations don't work! Learn what does!!! 

Most spiritual people including empaths, intuitives use affirmations as a way of life. I know I did at one time in my life. 

But unfortunately, affirmations don’t work! Yes, you read that right!  

Infact, affirmations can even make your life a living hell. My client, we’ll call her “Sara,” repeatedly used affirmations for 3 days, then went into a tailspin and crashed into a deep depression. I see this all of the time. 

You see, there’s something deeper at play here…

After showing “Sara” my little known process to manifest the right way, her life changed instantly and for the better. This extraordinary process is exactly what I will teach you inside “The Health & Wellness Manifester.”

Buckle your seatbelt, it’s going to be an amazing ride!

the health and wellness manifester

So here's what you'll discover inside 
of The Health & Wellness Manifester:


Insights from experts including Bruce Lipton, Bernie Siegal, Norm Shealy, James Oschman, Donna Eden, and more.

How to access the Quantum field so you can manifest your health and wellness instantly


How to raise your energy frequency to boost your immunity, feel happier and stronger and never live in the darkness of your negative emotions again


Discover how being healthy is NOT a state of mind, but a state of BODY, Energy Movement and Beingness so you can get faster and easier results than ever before


WARNING: Major energy shifts will happen for you in this program. Be prepared to create that shift, change your life and manifest health and wellness now

Get Your Life Back NOW…

Step 1

Get Your Life Back NOW…

Eliminate trauma in any given moment and never get stuck in emotional or physical problems again!

Value $800

Discovering the Science of Quantum Manifestation

Step 3

Discovering the Science of
Quantum Manifestation

Learn the hidden secrets from famous experts in Quantum that allow anything to become possible without even trying!

Value $800

Transform Anything Now!

Step 5

Transform Anything Now!

Delete, release or take out anything from your personal hologram that NO longer serves you

Value $800

Instantly Release Traumatic Events

Step 7

Instantly Release Traumatic Events

The empath’s guide to experiencing a quantum leap… Release your life-long traumatic events instantly.

Value $800

Manifest Anything at the Blink of an Eye!

Step 2

Manifest Anything at the Blink of an Eye!

3 principles of Quantum Manifestation™ to finally realize health, wealth and genuine happiness.

Value $800

Holographic Manifestation

Step 4

Holographic Manifestation

Master Holographic Manifestation™️ to raise your energy frequency... Design and manifest the life you choose. Master this and live life at a whole new level! 

Value $800

The Instant Money Manifester

Step 6

The Instant Money Manifester

Flip the switch to amplify and actualize your money… Attract even more than what you need now!

Value $800

Shocking Truth: Affirmations Don’t Work! Learn what does!!!

Crazy Bonus

Shocking Truth: Affirmations Don’t Work! Learn what does!!!

Discover a brand new way to help you instantly manifest your new reality.

Value $800

the health and wellness manifester

By the end of this course… you’ll know EXACTLY how manifestation really works… HOW to PRECISELY actualize what you intend… Including Health, wealth, happiness... and everything in between.


Imagine an abundance of extra money coming to you that you weren't even expecting, enabling you to do the things you’ve always wanted to do in your life.


Imagine what it feels like to manifest health and wellness by eliminating your trauma, raising your energy frequency and feeling totally free, both emotionally and physically.

Begin Living a Life of Confidence, Intention and Possibility!

Imagine feeling lighter and happier with more energy than you’ve ever thought possible… Living on purpose, in your purpose, and knowing that you finally achieved your health, wellness and financial goals.


Plus, when you invest in yourself today…

I’m going to throw in that crazy bonus mentioned above that makes this a no brainer!

Manifest anything you choose...

Affirmations Don’t Work!

Learn What Does!

Recorded Live with Joshua Bloom 
$97 Value

See the participants in this program experience instant transformation as you witness exactly why affirmations DON’T work and experience a brand new way to instantly manifest and transform your new reality. Deeply life-changing!

You will be amazed by this discovery whether you think affirmations work, or NOT! 

You will be introduced to two women, one who thinks affirmations work quite well, and another who thinks they don't work at all.

You will discover how both women realize that there is a much better way, and through their experience, you will learn how affirmations can truly work quickly, easily and instantly.

NO more having to say affirmations over and over again without success!

NO more wondering or worrying if your affirmations will work or not! 

NO more wasted time and frustration trying to get your affirmations to work! 

Now you’ll be able to create powerful results that work every time!

And More...

Let's Sum It All Up…


Get Your Life Back NOW… (Value $800)

Manifest Anything at the Blink of an Eye! (Value $800)

Discovering the Science of Quantum Manifestation (Value $800)

Holographic Manifestation (Value $800)

Transform Anything Now! (Value $800)

The Instant Money Manifester (Value $800)

Instantly Release Traumatic Events (Value $800)

BONUS: Shocking Truth: Affirmations Don’t Work! (Value $97)

...a $5,697 value!

No, I’m NOT going to charge you thousands of dollars, but it would be worth it, right? Imagine manifesting the money you require to have what you need and then some! No more living paycheck to paycheck. Imagine those money issues becoming a thing of the past. What would that be worth to you? 

And then consider manifesting better health... Imagine not having to be rushed to the emergency room for health concerns and never having to deal with that kind of mental struggle ever again! That would be priceless!

You Get Everything Today For Just $97

the health and wellness manifester
100% Satisfaction Guarantee


I am 100% committed to giving you the tools, processes and training you need to manifest your health and wellness. I’ve put my heart and soul into making this program easy and effective so it will work for you. It’s designed to be extremely effective. It’s Guaranteed that you will get results. If you’re not manifesting results, I will make sure that you get extra support from my team to help you fully get there. That's how committed I am to your success, and that’s why I guarantee that my program will help you manifest your health and wellness.

If you go through this program completely by participating fully, engaging with the content from start to finish, ask for support and still don’t manifest your health and wellness as promised, just fill out my simple questionnaire and I’ll give you a personal session worth $350 with a Quantum Energy Transformation™ Certified Practitioner. And I’ll give it to you for FREE! I’ll personally make sure this works for you 100%! That’s how confident I am that my program will work for you! That’s Your 100% Quantum Healing Center, LLC Guarantee.


And Don't Take My Word For It...

Marija Strat

Marija Strat, Sweden

MY MONEY MANIFESTATION “I have evolved into earning a lot of money; got my first big check shortly after taking this program. It’s now been a few years. It still feels great!”

Cheryl Martin Australia

Cheryl Martin Australia

I WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW JOSHUA'S WORK REALLY DOES WORK. "My dad had a sore back, swollen legs and feet for weeks and they were actually getting worse. Dad had to wear shoes that were two sizes bigger than he would normally wear. So I told him that I had just learnt a healing process from Joshua. So I took my dad through the process and at first, nothing seemed to have happened but when he got out of bed the next morning he noticed that his swollen feet and legs had gone back down to normal. This was unexpected. When we did the process we weren’t even focusing on his legs at all. His back was also better as well as his feet and legs. Like a miracle. Nothing else worked for my dad until we did Joshua's process. Joshua’s work is simple, very effective, and powerful. I am very grateful.”

Alison Bussey

Alison Bussey, Australia

MY INSTANT MONEY SHIFT “Joshua, I experienced so much energy, so many shifts, and so much awareness. What you mentioned about money allowed me to have such awareness of the deep ‘grief’ and ‘fear’ within my body system that has been blocking money from coming into my life for so long and keeping me in victim mode. Wow! So incredibly profound! My face is still wet from the tears and right now I am experiencing the energy as warmth at the back of my heart. I allow all energy to keep moving thank you!! What a quantum shift!”

Janet Thurgood

Janet Thurgood, Idaho

FROM LOW SELF ESTEEM TO CONFIDENT AND UNSTOPPABLE “I knew that this course was what I needed as I really resonated with the truth of it. I feel so good, so much more confident and so much more of myself. I feel so much less of a facade than ever before in my life. Authenticity here I come! It’s changed my life!”

Shirley Bass, Hawaii

Shirley Bass, Hawaii

MY FIBROMYALGIA VANISHED “I wanted you to know how thrilled I am with The Health and Wellness Manifester Program! Once again, Joshua, I give my heartfelt love and gratitude to you for all the transformations and wins I've had to date… and that’s quite a number of shifts and growing! My largest shift has been the healing of fibromyalgia. I know all is possible!!! Thank you, my dear friend, mentor, and guide!”

Margaret Donaldson

Margaret Donaldson, Saskatchewan, Canada

MY SEVERE ANXIETY HEALED IN 5 MINUTES “I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety and Panic Disorder back in 2001. It has been extremely difficult and challenging for me. My extreme anxiety episodes have landed me in the emergency room several times with Doctors thinking that I was either having a heart attack or stroke because of my symptoms of dangerously high blood pressure and off-the-charts heartbeat and rhythm. I purchased Joshua’s program a couple of weeks ago and have been practicing religiously. About 30 mins ago a panic attack hit me out of nowhere and I simply tried what Joshua taught me. My mind and body were forcing me into a 'fight or flight" mode that was no match for Joshua’s process. While feeling the intense energy and nausea of the attack, I started to move the energy as Joshua taught me. Within five mins every symptom was completely gone! I have many, many friends who struggle with this affliction on a daily basis. I am recommending Joshua’s program to all of them. This is the only thing that has worked for me and believe me when I say that I've tried it all!”

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You Get Everything Today For Just  $97



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