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Warning: The “I AM” Limitless Program is Limited To ONLY 100 People. Don’t miss out...

I am limitless

STOP the Negative That Keeps You Stuck and Reconnect with the Higher YOU!



Ignite The Limitless YOU and Realize Your Potential

Do you ever ask yourself what’s wrong with me? 

Why am I so stressed?

Why am I so Anxious?

Why am I depressed?

I feel stuck and can’t move forward. 

I almost can’t breathe from the weight I’m carrying.

I feel overwhelmed spinning my wheels, trying to figure out what to do next.

Am I Broken? 

There has to be more to life than this…

I can’t carry on like this. 

Sound Familiar? 

Something has to change, but what? And how?

This program teaches you how to live in total
awesomeness, so you can thrive at your peak!

  • Positive thinking is a byproduct of this program. You’ll get there with little to no effort.

  • Get unstuck and finally move forward to create the success and life you want with ease, using Quantum Energy Transformation™.

  • Stop the struggle of failing over and over again, to shift your emotional pain, and easily step into your power.

  • Let go of judgment and STOP beating yourself up with ease!

  • No longer feel disempowered and BE your true and amazing authentic self.


  • when your energy frequency goes through the roof to finally feel that LIMITLESS YOU

  • of vibrant confidence wash all over you as you see that POWERFUL YOU unfold

  • when you release stress, emotional and even physical pain quickly, if not instantly

  • as you align with the universe and see yourself evolving at lightning speeds

  • that nothing can stop you, as you dance through your life saying, “I Got This!”

"I will help YOU succeed beyond what you may think is possible!"


This program is designed using the latest Quantum Science, the powerful principles of Quantum Energy Transformation™ and the speed of the Quantum Field to create fast and lasting transformation. 

Once you embody the energy of the Limitless YOU, your ultimate success will show up effortlessly. 

Learn to become your best YOU, by discovering the limitless YOU and live a more happy, confident and joyful life. Learn how to get into the Transformation Mode, raise your energy frequency and access the Quantum Field to make fast if not instant results with Quantum Energy Transformation™. Have the transformation now, rather than struggling for months, years or even decades to become confident and unstoppable.

"I've been there!"

“Yes, You can do this!” I will remember those words forever! ​I can still hear myself saying these words internally at the lowest point in my life like a whisper of possibility...  ​I was up all night in turmoil and in fear that I would die with so much intensity that my heart started to beat so fast, I could feel it pounding. It would even skip beats.   ​Thinking that not only will the panic, worry and fear will kill me, but the uncertainty of life was way too risky to live.   ​It was 3 am, I was exhausted, stressed and wrestling with my mind at the worst point in my life.  ​I felt anxiety 24/7 with frequent panic attacks that paralyzed my life! I never knew when the next attack would strike.  ​I was so frightened to leave my house that even walking around the block freaked me out. ​I would also be consumed by fear simply by being alone in my house. This was a lose-lose situation. ​Fear created false associations that stopped me in my tracks.  ​I always feared these attacks, even when I wasn’t having one.  ​As I looked at my broken life; spirit and self-esteem, I realized I had a broken connection with myself! ​I was frozen in fear, I couldn’t work, and often I wasn’t functional. I honestly felt like I couldn’t breathe. ​Like you, I’ve searched for answers to no avail. No one could help me, not even the ‘experts’.  ​With my will to survive and to just keep moving forward, I learned anything and everything about transformation. ​During this 10+ year time of desperation, I discovered the energy, frequency and connection that changed my life forever. ​In the words of my higher self, I heard a whisper of hope as if the universe was directly speaking to me when I heard, “Yes, You can do this!”

Joshua Bloom Photo
Joshua Bloom- Quantum

At that moment, I knew I was strong enough to deal with this anxiety, fear and panic. I had learned the tools and gained the understanding for how transformation really works. ​I prepared my whole life for this moment.  ​I discovered the Quantum Field that allowed me to connect to myself and the universe that ultimately repaired my broken relationship with myself. ​I learned how to transform myself from the inside out.  I learned how to release the energy stored at the cellular level of my body that was holding me back and now I don’t have these anxiety attacks and fear anymore.  ​I went through thick and thin to learn how to create real change. Through this learning, I realized that my experience could inspire and transform so many empaths, sensitives and intuitives who feel so shut down and overwhelmed to shift with me in the Quantum Field. To transform into a new evolution of themselves. ​It’s so meaningful for me to help you, because I’ve been there! I want to make this journey easier and faster for you. There is NO need to struggle like I did!  ​Yes, I am a work in progress. There’s always more to strive for... and become! Quantum Energy Transformation™ has taught me that. ​I know from personal experience that YOU can shift like I did.  ​You can transform into the person you know you are meant to be.  Let’s make that change?  ​Take the first step and let’s transform together!

Joshua has taught from his HEART.

"He has inspired me to transform and evolve into the NEW ME, who is calm, aware, confident, focused and following the direction in life I have put off for so long; with vision, clarity and joy. Thank you so much, Joshua, for guiding me to this wonderful place, within me. I am no longer troubled about my relationships with others. If I am triggered by anything or anyone, I go into BEING QUANTUM™ and the problem is released. For the first time in my life the mind chatter that used to drive me crazy is minimal!"

- Denise Davies, Cyprus

Denise Davies


 You want RELIEF...


You want CONFIDENCE...

Oh -- and most of all, you want it to be easy! 

That’s why I will teach you exactly what works to create fast and easy Quantum Shifts to energize your soul and transform your life!

Studies consistently show that you become 95% more successful when you have support and a system to reach success. So I’ve developed a Foolproof Results System to ensure that you become limitless with ease, starting today


step into the limitless you so you can feel the strength and confidence you require to finally live life on your terms

STOP allowing blocks to hold you back and eliminate what gets in your way so you can keep moving forward in your life with grace and ease

transmute the stuck and negative energy stored at the cellular level of your body so you can always live from and experience your freedom 


embody the energy of confidence, so you know from deep within and without a doubt, that you WILL handle anything that comes your way 

get into alignment with the universe so you can manifest and have everything you need and deserve.  


Limited Time Offer


“I AM” Limitless


“I AM” Limitless

Enliven your power with the Secret to Becoming Limitless and finally create the life you deserve.


1 hr. Audio Training with Joshua Bloom 
Value $150

Quantum Dimensional Shifting


Quantum Dimensional Shifting

Get into alignment with the Quantum & Morphic fields for fast manifestation for easier, more joyful & inspiring life.


1 hr. 22 minute Audio Training with Joshua Bloom 
Value $200

Create Instant  Quantum Shifts


Create Instant Quantum Shifts

Heighten your energy and jump into every moment with powerful strength and possibility to easily achieve fast, life altering results. 

1 hr. Audio Training with Joshua Bloom 

Value $200

Anything is Possible


Anything is Possible

Create the confidence and breakthroughs to get out of your stuck, move forward with ease and take on your life bigger than ever. 

1 hr. Audio Training with Joshua Bloom  

Value $100

Become Unstoppable


Become Unstoppable

Keep moving forward no matter what! Break through your blocks and achieve the confidence and identity you need to succeed. 

1 hr. Audio Training with Joshua Bloom  

Value $100

The Instant “I AM” Transformer!


The Instant “I AM” Transformer!

Transform at the higher levels of purpose, spirituality and identity to create permanent changes to uplevel your emotional mindset. 

20 Minute Guided Connection™ with Joshua Bloom  
Value $75

How to Focus Your  Energy to Create Anything


How to Focus Your 
Energy to Create Anything

Create the strong and masterful focus you need to spark your creativity and have the life you were always meant to lead. 

20 Minute Guided Connection™ with Joshua Bloom  
Value $75

From Possibility to Reality


From Possibility to Reality

Experience the “Open Source of Possibility™” process to quickly and easily take any possibility and bring it into your reality.  

20 Minute Guided Connection™ with Joshua Bloom  
Value $50

The Love Bath


The Love Bath

Soak in the essence of love & bliss to balance the inner YOU. Lift your vibration to release negativity to rejuvenate your beingness. 

10 Minute Guided Connection™ with Joshua Bloom  

Value $100

Quantum Evolution

STEP 10:

Quantum Evolution

Evolve your identity with Quantum Energy Transformation™ and discover the higher vibrations to the unfolding limitless YOU. 

20 Minute Audio Training with Joshua Bloom  

Value $150

I’m offering you something extraordinary
that NO OTHER program offers anywhere!


This program offers quite a different experience by working in the new Quantum Model, which allows you to have unlimited possibilities, rather than using the outdated and linear Newtonian model that limits your results. Results are faster and easier with Quantum Energy Transformation™.


This program uses Quantum Energy Transformation™ that works at much higher levels of energy than the low levels of strategy or technique that almost all other programs offer. Lower levels of energy produce temporary changes while higher levels of energy like Identity and purpose create permanent shifts.


Unlike most programs, Quantum Energy Transformation™ has the ability to work on more than one aspect of an issue at a time (Slow - 40 Bits of information Per second). Instead of having to deal with the numerous aspects of a problem, you will uproot the entire issue all at once (Fast - 4 MILLION Bits of information Per second).


I created the “I AM” Limitless™ with Quantum Dimensional Shifting™ program for you to achieve maximum momentum to success! Using the latest Quantum Science, the powerful principles of Quantum Energy Transformation™, and the speed of the Quantum Field you will be able to create fast and lasting transformation. 

Quantum Energy Transformation™ is based on the science of Quantum Physics and the Cellular Biology research of Bruce H. Lipton, PhD. It works at the higher levels of energy to create deep energy movement at the cellular level of the body for natural healing and transformation. 

It offers an innovative perspective and framework for healing and self evolution. It’s an opportunity to consider exciting possibilities and allow them to become your new reality. You can up-level your life by opening to new possibilities, redefine yourself, and shift into a reality that serves you better to have the life you’ve always dreamed about.

This program makes it so easy to achieve lasting transformation and your ultimate success. You can have your life be exactly the way you choose! 

You deserve to be and feel limitless! 



A $1,574.97 Value for $200.00 - And Now For Just $97

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have slashed the price!

Limited Time Offer



"Through The Quantum Portal” Physical Card Deck shipped to you FREE:
Value $200

These cards, in connection with all of the fields; your chakra fields, your auric field, as well as the Morphic and Quantum Fields, hold a resonance within them. You, as a light being, also have an energy resonance within you. By connecting with these cards, your resonance brings forth the energy you require into your reality. At times, the cards mirror your experience, to show you where you are now, while at other times, the cards invite you to consider new, and amazing possibilities. Each and every card that shows up for you, is an opportunity to grow, evolve and shift in the Quantum field... Who will you choose to become? What possibilities will you consider?


“I AM” Limitless™ Audio Program: Value $1,200

10 EASY STEPS TO ROCKIN YOUR LIMITLESS YOU! I’ll teach you to become limitless, where you’ll discover what you’re really made of! You’ll learn the secret ingredient to live life on your terms. I’ll take you from where you are today to that totally awesome YOU... that you’re about to become.

Quantum Dimensional Shifting™:  Value $200

Discover the #1 principle that makes any problem shift quickly inside the Quantum Field safely and easily. Learn how to design your life using the Morphic field to create your life well beyond what you know is possible by aligning your energy and your body with your higher self to manifest a fulfilling life and everything you choose to put in it.


Bonus 1: “Through The Quantum Portal” Online Oracle Card Game:  Value $200

2-month membership, member area with transformational resources and like-minded community: 
Be the first to Instantly Transform Your Reality With This Life Altering Game! This game was created to help you release physical, emotional, and energetic problems, including trauma and stored cellular memories that you don't even realize are there holding you back. With the game, you will turbocharge your transformation to reach unprecedented success effortlessly to become confident and unstoppable!

The Ultimate Answer ...Is Inside

Bonus 2: The Ultimate Answer ...Is Inside™ - Book releases on Jan 11th 2021:  Value $24.97

You’ll get my latest book with Forward by world renowned scientist and best selling author Bruce Lipton H. Ph.D. to help you to live life on your terms! Catapult yourself to the top of your field! Live authentically! Just be YOU! Eliminate your fear and doubt! Jump into a new dimension to discover what’s possible for YOU! Become confident and unstoppable in complete awesomeness…

“At this time, it is absolutely necessary that we understand the nature of energy and invisible forces and how they impact our lives. In The Ultimate Answer, author Joshua Bloom provides vital life-enhancing knowledge about energy fields and consciousness that can be used to empower your life. Knowledge is power, and the awareness offered by Joshua is indeed a powerful resource for taking control of our lives.” -- Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

Create Your Amazing Reality

Bonus 3: “Create Your Amazing Reality” Audio: Value $150

Discover how the Morphic Field, The Quantum Field, Your aura, and the holographic universe all work together to create your reality, based on the work of Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. and Rupert Sheldrake. Shift into your new reality in the Quantum Field. 

This is your chance to hold the possibility of a dream and bring it into your reality.

The power of this audio training is the effectiveness and simplicity in how it works.

Discover how to tap into new potential possibilities, actualize them and bring them into your new reality.

This audio alone is worth the price of the entire program, as it will help you get quick, easy and profound results that will have you feeling limitless!

Help On Demand:  Value $Priceless

When you need help from my team and I, we’ll be there for you. We’ll answer your questions, get you unstuck and give you the extra help you require to become limitless in the fastest and easiest way possible. I tend to give, give, give! When you have a question about your transformation or any part of your program, I will be there to guide you, and help you succeed! Always get the help you need when you need it; Relief | Breakthroughs | Confidence. 

Scientifically Proven Quantum Processes and Training:  Value $Powerful

Not only are my processes battle tested to make sure they work like I say they do, they are based on the understanding of the latest Quantum Science. The training and processes in this program use the scientific understanding of Quantum Physics through the work of my friend, world renowned scientist and best selling author Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D. 

Like Minded Community:  Value $Meaningful

Connect with other empaths, intuitives and energy workers who help each other reach success on their journey to become limitless. Share intentions, give and receive help, and most of all, create meaningful, fulfilling connections and relationships. Succeed faster with deep connections to other like minded people with the same goals and passion to succeed and become limitless.

You’re about to embark on a journey of discovery, transformation, and evolution!

Limited Time Offer


Quantum Guarrantee

I am 100% committed to giving you the tools, processes, and training you need to feel limitless, confident, and unstoppable. I’ve put my heart and soul into making this program easy and effective, so it will work for you. It’s designed to be extremely effective. It’s Guaranteed that you will get results.

If you’re not experiencing relief and results, I will make sure that you get extra support from my team to help you fully get there. That's how committed I am to your success, and that’s why I guarantee that my program will help you feel limitless.

If you go through this program completely by participating fully, listening to every audio from start to finish, have asked for support and still are not satisfied with your results, just fill out my simple questionnaire and we will go above and beyond to help you reach success. 

I’ll personally make sure this program works for you 100%! That’s how confident I am that my program will work for you! If within 30 days from your purchase, you’ve asked for help and we feel that we can’t help you reach success, we’ll refund 100% of your investment. That’s Your 100% Satisfaction and effectiveness Quantum Energy Center 30-Day Money back Guarantee.

Limited Time Offer
Starry Sky

This program is for you if …

  • you are ready to live life on your terms and experience freedom now

  • you have a passion for becoming limitless in an easy fun way

  • you are ready to transform your physical or emotional problems quickly

  • you require assistance with easily releasing negativity and overload

  • you value the benefits of transformation and desire simple tools and processes to turbocharge your life

You Deserve to Be Successful! 

Give yourself the gift of success and I know I will help you succeed with ease using my proprietary system, Quantum Energy Transformation™ and Quantum Dimensional Shifting™. There is no program in existence that can take you from where you are now, to ultimate success at the blink of an eye like this one can.

Why This Program? Why Work With Me?

Cheryl Martin

I want people to know Joshua's work really does work

"You have so much knowledge it is amazing. Thanks for sharing with us and for your generosity of your time. I love the way you explain some of the same things but in different ways. Sometimes I don't quite understand what you mean and then you say it in a different way or someone asks a question and you explain it in another way that I get it. It's like you cover everyones learning abilities to understand. Thank you so much Joshua Bloom. I love your work."

- Cheryl Martin, Australia

The authenticity of myself and my team, along with the care and support we provide, really goes a long way. You will make dramatic changes that allow you to align with the universe, evolve your energy and allow you to move forward at lightning speeds. This program will be a staple for you in your success. Tools to use for a lifetime. A gift to yourself that just keeps on giving. 

It’s worth everything to me that you succeed. 

So join me in helping you create lasting life-changes inside the Quantum Field!


The authenticity of myself and my team, along with the care and support we provide, really goes a long way. You will make dramatic changes that allow you to align with the universe, evolve your energy and allow you to move forward at lightning speeds. This program will be a staple for you in your success. Tools to use for a lifetime. A gift to yourself that just keeps on giving. 

It’s worth everything to me that you succeed. 

So join me in helping you create lasting life-changes inside the Quantum Field!

Joshua Bloom


Joshua Bloom


Internationally Acclaimed Trusted Authority on Quantum Transformation, #1 Best-Selling Author of The Ultimate Answer ...Is Inside™, host of the innovative and transformational Internet TV Show “Emotionally FreeTV,” the Executive Producer of the cutting edge film, “The Ultimate Answer Inside™,” with his new book; forward written by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

Joshua Bloom, has been featured on the front page of The Washington Post as one of the first coaches ever to be featured in the mainstream media. 

A master in many arenas, Joshua has developed his own modality called Quantum Energy Transformation™. His proprietary process creates a landscape of possibility by inviting extraordinary empaths and intuitives to go inside themselves and access the Quantum Field.

This way of being is an innovative fusion of science and spirituality that involves 5 key stages of growth and healing: Connect, Allow, Open, Engage and Elevate. This process serves as a roadmap to a permanent transformation that up-levels your reality to become confident and unstoppable. 

In addition, Joshua has also created a powerful library of additional programs; a way of being called Being Quantum™, a transformation process called Age Clearing™, his own reiki modality named Being Reiki™, and an allergy elimination process called Quantum Allergy Release™.

Joshua does what most people consider impossible: delivering his clients Relief, Breakthroughs, and Confidence both physically and emotionally. In addition he trains students to become practitioners using Quantum Energy Transformation™ in his extraordinary “Come to The Edge!” Certification Program. 

Joshua helps empaths stabilize and protect themselves energetically, eliminate overload and align them to their spiritual purpose to become confident and unstoppable.

“I believe that anything is possible and YOU have the power to live as who you are capable of becoming. You were born to be limitless!” -- Joshua Bloom

Are you ready to get unstuck and become limitless?

Good! ‘Cause I’m in the mood to help you become confident and unstoppable.

Every moment, including this moment, opens the possibility for you to be successful. This is your chance to become limitless!  

I’m excited about this amazing journey we’re about to take together. And I’m ready to help you create the life you’ve always dreamed of!

Limited Time Offer

Don’t Miss Out! 

The “I AM” Limitless Program is Limited To ONLY 100 People. 

Will you be one of them? 

You have 2 choices…

#1. Do nothing and just keep getting what you already have -- never 
change those old habits of feeling stressed, feeling uncertain and 
overwhelmed, wondering, "what if..." 

#2. Jump into your possibilities and give yourself the tools you need 
to become confident, powerful, and limitless starting today.


With you and I working together, you’ve got this!!!

 Janet Thurgood

Now I’m Confident and Unstoppable!

“Empowering on so many levels! I knew that this course was what I needed, as I really resonated with the truth of it. I feel so good, so much more confident and so much more of myself. I feel so much less of a facade than ever before in my life. It’s changed my life! I became a stronger person who no longer needs to run from her symptoms, but who is brave enough and strong enough now, to see them for what they are and choose to change. Joshua, you are a gift and so is this program!”

- Janet Thurgood, Idaho

Margaret Donaldson

My Severe Anxiety Transformed in 5 Minutes

“I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety and Panic Disorder. My extreme anxiety episodes have landed me in the emergency room several times with Doctors thinking that I was either having a heart attack or stroke. I purchased Joshua’s program and then a panic attack hit me out of nowhere, which was no match for Joshua’s process. While feeling the intense energy and nausea of the attack, I moved the energy as Joshua taught me. Within five minutes every symptom was completely gone! This is the only thing that has worked for me and believe me, when I say that ‘I've tried it all!’”

- Margaret Donaldson, Saskatchewan, Canada

Alison Bussey

My Instant Quantum Shift!

“I experienced so much energy, so many shifts, and so much awareness. This program allowed me to see the deep ‘grief’ and ‘fear’ within my body system that kept me in victim mode. I'm excited to allow myself to really align to and step into the power and grounded wisdom of my future self. I'm thankful for all the releases as they've been profound and many; and I know they will continue Wow! So incredibly profound! Right now I am experiencing the energy as warmth at the back of my heart. What a quantum shift!”

- Alison Bussey, Australia

Shirley Bass

I AM Limitless!

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I am absolutely entranced and thrilled with this Program! It was like taking a breath of fresh air again. It brings joyful feelings of love. I feel my heart chakra opening, I am in my body, grounded, and realize that I am the field. Joshua, I give my heartfelt love and gratitude to you for all the “Transformations and Wins” I have had to date… and that’s quite a number and growing, with the largest being the healing of fibromyalgia. I know all is possible! Thank you my dear friend, mentor and guide!”

- Shirley Bass, Hawaii

Susan Tallents

Everything Has Changed For The Better...

“OH WOW, I am absolutely thrilled! Joshua is the most genuine, caring, supportive, amazing, switched on, and tuned in Soul and Coach a person could wish for. I will be forever grateful to him for this beyond amazing transformation I have just gone through. It’s beyond amazing and life changing (literally). Before the Program -- I was bogged down with emotional wounding from a traumatic childhood; I was always anxious, had a low self esteem; felt unwell and had chronic fatigue; I felt unsafe going out, so stayed home more and more, and communicated less and less. After the Program -- I am feeling physically and emotionally amazing, healthy, strong, more stamina, happy and confident.”

- Susan Tallents, Australia

Kari Arneberg

Being Quantum Rocks!

I have found Joshua Bloom and his work remarkable! I noticed such profound changes after experiencing "Being Quantum™" and the different exercises that Joshua is presenting work so well. I feel like I am a different person altogether. My Identity has changed! Thank You Joshua!

- Kari Arneberg, Norway

Mary Smith

My World Has Completely Changed!

“I can honestly say that Joshua has SAVED my life! Not that I wouldn't be living otherwise, but I would never have discovered the me that I am now and be able to experience the life that I am in for. This class for me has been a really sweet surrender. Once I let my body grasp that place that I could just let go and let things happen as they should, my world opened up for me… a new world… a totally new world. I transformed and I’m evolving. I don’t look at anything the same way I used to.”

- Mary Smith, California

Jump Into The Quantum Field and
Become Limitless Today!

Limited Time Offer
  • "I AM" Limitless

    Valid for one year
I am Limitless


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