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Warning: The “Instantly Release and Protect Yourself from Entities ”  Program is Limited To ONLY 100 People. Don’t miss out...


Empaths, Intuitves and Energy Workers

Listen Up!

Discover what entities are! Get a complete system to raise your energy, eliminate entities and keep you protected for a lifetime.


Have you ever felt anxiety, depression, fatigue or any other feelings inside of you that didn’t feel like your own? Many times having entities can easily mimic everyday problems, but in fact, are entities. If you don’t catch these problems right away, over time, they just get worse and worse, making your life like living hell.

For the most part, Entities are beings that are made up of disembodied spirits, whole souls or parts of souls of people who have died and have not found a way to move on. However, there are many different types of entities. Although rare would include demons as well as negative thought forms and non-human spirits.

Just like an electrical device connects to a battery to generate power, entities attach to humans for their own survival. When an entity is attached to us, they try to live out their life purpose through our energy, causing us to feel disconnected, off track and confused.

We also feel the emotions and energies of these attached beings which makes us feel scared and out of sorts. Many times Entities try to control us for their own benefit, making us feel fearful, angry or even like we’re crazy. Entities are mischievous in nature, hard to control and even harder to get rid of.

I knew something wasn't right...

"I knew something wasn't right because I kept getting these negative feelings and I knew they weren't mine. Thank you so much for your teachings  Joshua!"



"The Real Energy Problem That Exists Today!"


Do you have negative thoughts that make you feel stuck...
Do you suffer from depression or anxiety...

Do you have trouble sleeping...


Do you often feel off kilter...

Do you feel fear...



and don't know why?


Do you ever have fears like:


can these entities hurt me?

what if my anxiety or other negativity is      

caused by an entity?

what if my decisions and thoughts are not mine?

how do I know if I have an entity?

how do I protect myself from entities?

are some entities good, or are they all evil?

what if I can’t get rid of these entities?



I will teach you how to safely and easily rid yourself of entities once and for all, and it will only take you 5 minutes to do it. If you are a healing practitioner, you can even use this same process to help your clients. With Quantum Energy Transformation™, which utilizes the understanding of Quantum Physics , and the most recent Quantum Science, anything is truly possible! Allow me to show you how easy, fast and reliable it is to clear Entities with my cutting edge system.

My name is Joshua Bloom, and what I will teach you in this program will change your life for the better when it comes to clearing and releasing entities.

What if I told you that you didn’t need to be scared anymore, at all, and provided you with a quick and easy solution that works?

What’s different about what I offer, is that I can teach you how to clear entities quickly and easily, but most importantly provide you with a shield of protection so you will stop attracting entities. Entities for you will be handled forever.

I will teach you how to protect yourself from all types of negative energy including negative Thought-Forms, Entities, or just about any negative energy.


A major change in the way I feel and operate!

“Joshua, your work with my protection has made a major change in the way I feel and operate. It's not that I never perceive distressed or negative energies, but when I'm aware of them they rarely are strong or distracting; I can continue my life and work without feeling overwhelmed, and I can deal with them effectively. My personal energy is brighter and lighter, and I feel confident and resilient. So thank you VERY much!”








(SAVE $2803)

Regular Investment: $3,000


Offer #1 includes...


Instantly Release and Protect Yourself From Entities Training.

Stress Eliminator Online Program - Release stress in just 2 minutes!

Bonus Q&A Audio -  Joshua answers your most pressing questions on Entities.




(SAVE $4503)

Regular Investment: $5,000

Offer #1 includes...


You will get everything included in the Do It Yourself  "Instantly Release and Protect Yourself from Entities" Online Program. 

Plus the Done for You Remote Clearing - Get the full entity clearing so that you can be sure you are safe and know that you are fully protected.

Get the complete clearing, ALL DONE FOR YOU!

Release entities for your home, pets, yourself and everyone living in your home.

Get the help of a professional master energy clearer to protect yourself from all types of negative energy.

This is the most complete clearing available on the planet!

Be protected from negative entities NOW!


Why this huge discount? I'm glad you asked!

I am drastically reducing my pricing to be more affordable so more empaths, intuitives and energy workers, who really need it, can easily gain access to it during these trying times.

Due to COVID, there is an enormous amount stress happening in the world and in our every day lives, more than ever before. This stress is plummeting our energy frequency, making us feel disempowered, depleted and overloaded.

We as empaths, intuitives and energy workers, we don't function well in these lower vibrations and it's costing us emotionally, physically and energetically.

Where there is stress, entities are rampant! This price reduction is to help those, who are at risk right now for having entity attachments and attacks, as well as the drama, emotional pain and suffering that comes with it.

My work is a game changer for these issues and want everyone who needs it to have access to it. This is why I have drastically reduced the price. It's meaningful as well as an important mission to help as many people as I can.


Image by Jeremy Perkins


Turn Fear Into Personal Power!

In this class you will learn how to keep yourself safe from all types of negative energies, including entities.

You will learn how to use Quantum Energy Transformation™ as a means of protection, to raise your energy frequency, and to shift your energy to release fear. Discover the secrets to strengthen your energy system, so you are not susceptible to attracting negative energy or entities any longer. 

You will learn:

  • How to use Quantum Energy Transformation™ to protect yourself from unwanted negative energies.

  • How to raise your energy frequency instantly to STOP entities from attaching to you and to ward off all other negative energies.

  • How to Release fear that’s stored in your body and become stronger and more powerful emotionally, physically and energetically.

  • How and why entities attach to people and why it happens.

Training Experience with me - Valued at $400



Get Into Your Body and Connect with Spiritual Energy

In this amazing class, you'll discover many ways to keep yourself safe from negative energy. You'll also learn how to master your energy and have control of how you feel, think and be. You'll have tools to raise your energy frequency from low to Awesomeness!

You'll learn to clear events through examples in the class and experience your own clearing and transformation.  Discover what's possible for you in the Quantum Field and know for sure that you are always safe and strong.

You will learn: 

  • To connect to Spiritual energy in a way that will strengthen you and keep you grounded

  • How to shift your energy from a low energy frequency to a higher energy frequency instantly.

  • Instantly protect yourself from other people's intentions, agendas and negative energy.

  • How to raise your energy frequency.

  • Get back into alignment and become connected with your higher self by getting on your Fundamental Ray.

  • How to clear events and emotional issues instantly, as a way to raise your energy frequency to protect yourself from any negativity.

  • How to release traumatic events.

Training Experience with me - Valued at $400



Preparing to Release Entities

Eliminating Stress & Strengthening Your Energy

In this class, you’ll gain a much better understanding of how energy works so that you can prepare for the releasing entities process. You will discover how stress makes you more susceptible to entity attachments and the importance of releasing stress, trauma and past events that lower your energy frequency.

The latest science today proves that being in growth strengthens your system and protects you. Are you protected?

You’ll learn why it’s so crucial to live and be at higher energy frequencies. I’ll even teach you how to maintain your energy and frequency so you’ll ward off entities from now and forever. You’ll also learn how to raise your energy frequency permanently so you can keep entities from attaching to you.

In preparation for releasing Entities, you’ll discover how Entity attachments cause us to have negative habits that need to be released.

From the M-Field to the Quantum Field, Growth vs. Protection and Quantum Science, in this class you’ll learn amazing secret knowledge that will prepare you for releasing entities to help you become completely free.

You will learn: 

  • The science behind how energy works and how it relates to entity release.

  • Understanding of the Electromagnetic Field and how it relates to entities.

  • The importance of releasing habits when it comes to entity clearing.

  • How to stop being victim to negative energy.

  • How stress can attract entities and how to release that stress.

  • How to shift your energy into growth and be instantly protected.

  • The importance of maintaining your energy after entity releasing.

Training Experience with me - Valued at $400



Preparing to Release Entities

Getting Into Growth & Strength

In this class, I further prepare you to release entities by introducing you to a higher level of Energy Medicine so you can connect to your soul, your purpose and your higher self instantly. 

You’ll discover how your aura is your body's “Bodyguard,” and although it’s so spiritually powerful your aura is susceptible to an abundance of problems like holes, tears, and weakness. The culprit is stress and fear!

The more stressed and fearful you are, the more susceptible you will be to negative energies, breaking the barrier of your aura and causing you problems. If you don’t take care of this quickly, the problems become worse and more difficult to deal with. The solution is surprisingly easy, however truly profound.

I’ll teach you how to maintain your aura and your energy so you can live and be strong always.

When you are energetically strong, you feel stress-free, happy and in alignment with your passion. You also are completely safe from negative energy that comes from anywhere including negative thoughts, negative thought forms, other people, entities and even curses or psychic attack.

Growth equals strength! The stronger you feel the less stress you have and the more protected you actually are. Where is your energy right now? Could you use an energy boost?

You will learn: 

  • How to strengthen your aura so it fully protects you.

  • How to heal your aura from holes and tears, and instantly have a healthy aura.

  • Experience a process that will balance YOU, protect you and strengthen you instantly.

  • Prepare and Stabilize your energy to releasing entities with ease.

  • Shift your consciousness from where you are now to a stronger, happier and amazing YOU!

Training Experience with me - Valued at $400



The Resolution: The Releasing Entities Process

Release entities now in about 5 minutes. Get Results!

In this class you will learn to test to see if you have entities or attachments. Then you will learn how to release them in just a few minutes. You will then learn how to test to verify that you no longer have entities, and learn to put a permanent shield of protection around you so you never get them again. 
This class will take you to the next level of transformation and help you create a grounded and peaceful life without bad energies getting in your way.  Discover your possibilities and become free!

You will learn: 

  • The releasing entities process to release any and all entities easily.

  • How to test for entities before and after the releasing process.

  • You will learn how to place a strong barrier of protection keeping entities away, and making it impossible for them to attach to you.

Training Experience with me - Valued at $400



The Evolved You! The You FREE From Entities Forever

Who have you become? Who are YOU, now that you no longer have entities?

In this class we will discuss how amazing you truly are! We will talk about how you have evolved and what it means to be free of entities. We will talk about the future you and your Quantum Possibilities. This discussion will be like a journey into the future to discover the new evolved you in our multiverse.
The value of this class is to learn from other students and discover everyone's results.
Then to take the discussion to another level of possibility, and become even more of who we are now that we are free. What’s possible for you?

Training Experience with me - Valued at $400

Bonus 1

The Stress Eliminator

Learn to Release Your Stress in Just 2 minutes.


It’s commonly known that at least 75% of all illness is caused by stress.
Best selling author and leading Quantum Biologist, Bruce Lipton says, “Here is the problem in today’s world, there is no escape and therefore there is no getting out of stress. The stress is chronic, which is where we live today.”

We are all continuously undermining our system by using up our vital energy and closing down our immune system by living in stress. Instead of being in growth where the body is strong, we live in protection, where we are lucky if we don’t get sick. This is the crossroads where stress turns into disease.

Joshua Bloom offers a new possibility! He has created a process that easily gets us back into our growth and strength where we have the ability to transform, repair and get well. Living in this place will prove to have a positive effect where we get to live a long healthy life.
This process takes transformation to another level. Not only will it help you release your stress, it will also help you release trauma instantly. It’s easy and it works!

Anyone can do it, even a child: Many of Joshua’s Students use this process to live a Stress-FREE, happy and healthy life! Although it’s a simple process, the results are quite profound. Learn to get out of stress instantly!

In just 2 minutes you will feel:

  • Your stress effortlessly leave your body.

  • Energized and Relaxed at the same time.

  • More alive, lighter, stronger and free.

  • Video Presentation - Valued at $50

Bonus 2

Membership Center with Unlimited Access

Quantum Energy Center Member Area 


You'll have access to the Member Area where you'll experience your program and transform yourself quickly. This Member Area is easy to navigate and intuitive. You'll find it a pleasure to experience your program so you can live life on your terms.

Active Community -  Value $150
You will be invited to an active community of empathetic, intuitive and spiritual people, just like you. This is a private and exclusive group, where you can ask the community or Joshua, your most important questions about entity release. Joshua and his team are there to answer your questions and share their stories. It's going to be amazing!

Bonus 3

Create, Transform and Empower

Empower yourself and use your own personal power to transform

Joshua Bloom Headshot

This Q & A audio answers the most common and profound questions that students have when it comes to energy transformation, safety and releasing entities. Discover how the wrong information is being taught to most of us, and how learning the right way to protect yourself keeps you safe. 

Join Joshua in the Quantum Field to discover the amazing possibilities available to you. What if you could create an identity of safety, know exactly how to transform yourself and use your own personal power to transform yourself with your own brilliance?

You will learn: 

  • about Quantum Opposites and how we are programmed to do the opposite of what’s best for ourselves

  • about the “Fix It” model, and how magical it is to STOP trying to fix your issues. Simply, allow your body to shift these issues in the Quantum Field

  • how to use your energy in a way that makes you not only feel safe but “​be”​ safe


Some of the questions answered in this audio are

  • Do dark energies get into your aura when you open and expand?

  • How do you release triggers and negativity quickly and easily?

  • What it means when you feel an uncomfortable tingling sensation in your body and how to transform it.

  • Is there a correlation between mold, energy stressors and entities?

  • Do the lights in your house cause problems or entity issues?

When you have the knowledge and the ability to release entities for yourself and your family, you hold the potential to live a passionate, wonderful and amazing life that you totally love!

Q & A Audio Recording with me - Valued at $400


Instantly Release and Protect Yourself from Entities Training Program
$197 ONLY


Complete Clearing and Protection


Full and Complete Energy Clearing that Relaxes Your Soul, Warms Your Heart and Keeps You Safe!

We all know that if we are NOT fully protected, then we are likely to become a victim. We wear our seat belts, look both ways before we cross the street and do our very best to do what we can to prepare for the unexpected. However, we don't always think of needing to be safe when it comes to negative energy. Now is the time to consider what if?!


You see, you are either in one of two circumstances.

You have a negative energy issue or you don't have one yet. Either way there is a fast and easy resolution for clearing all types of negative energy including entities, Discarnates, Hexes, thought patterns or anything else.It's so crucial that we learn the tools to protect ourselves from all types of negative energy, and many times we need more help than that, in a faster and easier way, than having to do it all ourselves. 


Sometimes we need the help of a professional, like a master energy clearer who can offer more than we know how to do ourselves.

In addition, I will protect you from negative entities once and for all! House clearing is not offered in the self-study package but is ONLY offered here in this very special package. This is the most complete clearing available on the planet. So, I am offering a time-limited special to help you fully release and transform negative energy from you, your house and your family.

If you feel that you may require assistance, you're looking for a more complete and full clearing or feel it would be easier to have the clearing work done for you, this option takes your energy clearing to another level of freedom. Become free of Entities and other negative energy and become protected now.


Complete clearing and energy protection for your home, pets, yourself and your family - ALL DONE FOR YOU by me. - Valued at $2000


Includes everything in the Do It Yourself Package + Done For You Remote Clearing 
$497 ONLY



Hi! I’m Joshua Bloom, creator of Quantum Energy Transformation™ and Master Energy Clearer. Like you, I’m a sensitive person who knows just how “crazy” and energetic our world is right now. It’s challenging to navigate our world energetically today, and yet, I have created fast, easy and powerful ways to transform, uplift and take control over my energy and I hold the intention that you can experience the same in this lifetime.


Let me ask you this: Are you where you thought you would be by this point in your life or are you feeling like your energy is plummeting, or worse, taking over your spirit? Or maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed and overloaded where you take on the energy of others and have little to no control over your Empathic and intuitive Powers? 

Are you hoping and wishing you could rise above the chaos, get back on tack and move forward with grace and ease? 

Here’s the brutal fact:

Empaths, intuitives and energy workers go through deep turmoil, frustration and pain. They get stuck in extremely low vibrational energies that hold them back, they lock down their emotions as a coping mechanism and stop moving forward. Although they have the ability to sense so much information, they get drowned in the negativity of other people, they lose their empathic powers because of overwhelm and overload, and needless to say entity attacks they don’t even know are happening. 

So the reality for empaths, intuitives and energy workers is that they end up feeling fearful, sluggish and WITHOUT any means to move forward. This is what we call STUCK!

How do I know that?

Twenty one years ago I felt stuck in deep debilitating anxiety and fear to the point I thought it would literally kill me. I suffered for 10+ years wishing and praying for a solution. I couldn't find one, so I had to figure things out the hard way and on my own; hence it took 10+ years. 

I had entities attached to me like an energetic leach draining my energy, causing havoc and confusion. My energy frequency was so low that negative thoughts, fears and negative energy stuck to me like a magnet. I was an easy target. It was like this for me, into my 40’s and I lost control of my energy, mind, body and spiritual connection. It was debilitating where many times I was not even functional.

It doesn’t have to be this way for you! Actually, it won’t take you 10 years to eliminate your entity problem, it won’t take you 10 days or even 10 minutes; it will only take you a few minutes once I show you how.

The results?

You'll be surprised as to what I discovered through my misery and suffering, and you won't believe how simple, yet powerful these shifts are to implement. As a result, I learned over 20 different transformation methods and modalities in an effort to finally resolve my anxiety, and what I recieved was much more than I ever thought I would achieve. Not only did I resolve my anxiety issue, I discovered the differences between the transformation methods I learned and finally understood what actually works when it comes to transformation. I learned what worked, what didn’t and became an expert in how energy moves at the cellular level of the body to create fast transformation (if not instant.) Yes, although it may seem outrageous, instant transformation is possible and I’ve proven it over and over again through working with my clients for the past 21 years.

I invite you to consider many new possibilities that you may never have considered before now. I transformed my life and helped thousands of clients and students reach enormous success. 

Will you be my next success story?! 

You see, as an empath, intuitive or energy worker, you thrive in high frequency energy… and when you’re there, you can clear the negative energies that pull you down and take over your life. Once you do, you’ll be confident and even feel unstoppable. It all starts with eliminating the low level energies like entities so you can raise your energy frequency and ROCK your life with joy!

And that's what Instantly Release and Protect Yourself From Entities is all about. A powerful, step-by-step entity elimination system to help you eliminate entities to finally have the freedom you deserve to have in your life starting today.

I will show you exactly how to keep yourself clear, safe and protected and I can't wait to share it all with you. My team and I have worked tirelessly on this program for many years to bring it up to the level in which we teach it today. 

We’ve done the research, testing, transformations, entity eliminations and proved that this program works. I share my 21 years of experience with you. It’s the most complete and safest program you’ll find anywhere when it comes to eliminating entities and protecting yourself energetically. (we’ve looked).

This is a total game changer… but don't take my word for it!

Immediate Results!

“I use entity removal for my family, and the process brings immediate results. Your system helps raise energy frequencies and it works!”



I can feel something has changed!

"Releasing is very freeing! I have also evolved into much more energy, focus, joy and peace these last months. I feel powerful and I can feel something has changed."



I want people to know Joshua's work really does work

"I took the Entities course because so many things started to go wrong in my life, more than the ‘usual,’ that I really felt that negative energies were pulling me away from getting to know the ‘real me.’ When I tested my body, I had one external and two internal, Entities. After the program, none. Today, still none! I felt SO MUCH LIGHTER as I went through each module and by the end I felt and was, FREE. What a feeling! Anyway, it worked. No more flooding in my flat, exploding light bulbs, constant computer problems, connection issues and draining fatigue. All gone. What a relief!




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