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Unleash Your Unstoppable Force! 

Quantum Leap Into 2024
Blink Into YOUR New Reality With the Unstoppable YOU!

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Actualizing The Power of YOU!

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Imagine a year where your truest self is not just a distant dream but a vivid reality. The year 2024 stands as a threshold to a new era of self-mastery, where embracing your new and empowered identity and the full spectrum of your beingness isn't just important—it's the path to true fulfillment, purpose and joy. 


In a world that's rapidly changing, the power to truly adapt and THRIVE comes from within, from the best version of yourself that's waiting to be UNLEASHED. 


This is the year YOU step into your power, ROCK your empathic gifts, & live authentically as the person YOU are truly capable of becoming.

Envision a 2024 where you're not just surviving but flourishing, living each day with purpose and passion. This is the year to cast aside the shadows of doubt and step into the light of your potential. The Quantum Awakening Retreat offers you the keys to unlock a new possibility, a space where you become the architect of your destiny.


Blink into *YOUR* new reality, one where YOU dictate the terms of your 

life, standing tall in your absolute power, unshaken by the world's chaos.

This retreat is your gateway to this new reality, offering innovative Quantum Energy Transformation™ processes that foster profound paradigm shifts into your personal evolution, high frequency energy and YOUR NEW AWAKENING.

As you embark on this journey with me, you'll discover that the limits you once faced were merely illusions
. I'm personally going to help you dissolve those barriers, instilling in you a newfound confidence that's both liberating and empowering.


Imagine ending 2024 not just as a participant in your life but as a fully

confident, unstoppable force, with no limits to what you can achieve.

- Embrace your Quantum Self: Step into a reality where you're fully aligned with your highest potential, radiating confidence and clarity.

- Unleash Limitless Power: Break free from the chains of self-doubt and become an unstoppable force of nature, ready to conquer any challenge.

- Master Your Destiny: Gain the tools and insights to navigate life's journey with unwavering purpose and intention, crafting the future you deserve.

- Vibrant Energy Transformation: Elevate your energy frequency to attract abundance and manifest your deepest desires with ease and grace.

- Stand in Your Empowered Truth: Live authentically, embracing your unique gifts and standing in your power, as you create a life that's truly your own.


More than a retreat; it's the beginning

of your MOST extraordinary chapter...

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Experience your Quantum Superpowers and Blink Into Your New Reality....

Who Is It Possible For You to Become in 2024? 

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Unstoppable You!

Your 2024 Empowerment Toolkit

Get ready to Master Your Power with Quantum Energy Transformation™!

1. Masterful Transformation/Evolution: Dive deep into the realms of personal evolution with Certification Level Training. This isn't just an educational milestone; it's an outrageous live breakthrough experience that reshapes your very essence, equipping you with the knowledge and power to facilitate profound change in yourself and others.

2. Quantum Identity Evolution: Experience the unparalleled depth of a Full Immersion Retreat. This supercharged intensive journey is designed to produce permanent Quantum Shifts at the identity level, allowing you to emerge with a renewed sense of self that's aligns with your highest aspirations and capabilities through the power of Quantum Intention.

3. Abundance and Power Mastery: Step into a new reality where abundance, power, and confidence are not just concepts, but lived experiences. This transformative step is about shifting your vibrational frequency to resonate with the life you desire, empowering you to manifest your dreams with clarity and intention.

4. The Unshakable YOU:

Blink into your power with crystal-clear insight into your life's direction and Know where you stand. Taking life by storm, armed with the confidence and decisiveness to make bold moves and stand firm in the face of any challenge.

5. Open the Doors to New Possibility: Awaken yourself to new possibilities like never before with the revolutionary power of the QET™ Crystalline Tools. NOT just tools; they're keys to unlocking doors you never knew existed, paving the way for your expansive future as the unstoppable YOU!

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ACT FAST: Only the FIRST *10* Quick Action Takers Get 'The Model of Life™' Laminated!  

Value $100... Priceless! (8 1/2 X 11 Laminated Poster - Includes S&H)





















The Model of Life™: Profound Personal Evolution

The Model of Life™, integral to Quantum Energy Transformation™ (QET™), promotes deep, lasting change by aligning the intellect and body to manifest desired realities. Emphasizing the importance of working at higher energy levels for profound and lasting change, it leverages these elevated energies to resolve issues at their root. Based on Quantum Physics and Cellular Biology research by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., this approach transcends traditional methods, focusing on energy and beingness for profound transformation. Working on the principle that deep transformative change occurs more effectively when engaging with higher levels of energy and beingness, rather than just focusing on strategy or superficial solutions, the model offers paradigm shifts that allow individuals to embrace new possibilities and rapidly transition into their new reality. QET™ harnesses this model to create powerful Quantum Shifts and personal evolution, driving energy movement at the cellular level of the body for genuine transformation and changes at the identity level. Quantum Shifters using QET™ have experienced breakthroughs in overcoming anxiety, depression, and other emotional issues, as well as many physical issues such as fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, injuries and so much more. My retreat students step into their life’s purpose, and manifest abundance and live the life of their wildest dreams.

> 1. Exclusive Bonus for Full Retreat Attendees: Lifetime Access to the Complete Retreat on Video (Personalized Member Area): 

Value $2,000!

As a valued full retreat participant, we are thrilled to offer you an extraordinary bonus – the entire retreat experience captured on video! This exclusive video experience includes lifetime access to the entire retreat in it's full expression and energy in which it will be recorded, allowing you to revisit the powerful teachings and Quantum Energy Transformation™ processes at your leisure. Whether you're looking to reinforce your learning, dive deeper into specific topics, or simply relive the magic of the retreat, these videos are your gateway to ongoing personal evolution. Cherish the moments, master the learning, and continue your journey of growth with the entire retreat at your fingertips. 

Remember, this is more than just a bonus; it's an investment in your continuous transformation and well-being.

2. Special Bonus for Full Retreat Participants: Lifetime Access to All Quantum Experiences, Separated Out and Easy to Find (Personalized Member Area):

Value $2,000
As an esteemed participant of the full retreat, we are excited to present you with a special bonus that will enhance your transformative journey. These videos, meticulously organized, providing you with easy access to each individual Quantum Experience from the retreat. Every session, every insight, every transformative moment is cataloged for your convenience, allowing you to navigate and revisit your favorite Quantum Experiences with ease. This Member Area is a curated library of growth and transformation, designed to support you in integrating the Quantum Energy Transformation™ into your daily life. Embrace the ease of having all your Quantum Experiences in one place, and continue to evolve and expand on your path to the limitless YOU. This bonus is crafted to ensure that your journey of transformation is seamless and profound, with all the tools you need just a click away.


3. Exclusive Bonus for Full Retreat Attendees: Choose Your Favorite QET™ Tool for FREE:  

Value $200+
In gratitude for your full participation in our retreat, we're delighted to offer you an exclusive bonus that will further your journey of transformation. Select any one QET™ Tool of your choice, absolutely FREE! All we ask is that you cover the cost of shipping and handling. This is our way of saying thank you and providing you with the resources you need to continue elevating your energy and empowering your purpose. Simply choose your preferred QET™ Tool, and let us take care of the rest. Your path to profound change is our priority, and with this special bonus, you're well-equipped to manifest the reality you desire.

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Copy of UPDATED BY JOSHUA QET™ Pendant Brochure Letter to be sent once shipped (1).png

Dive Deep Into Quantum Transformation Emerge With Mastery Over Your Reality

New Year... Best YOU!

Are you ready to accelerate your personal evolution and tap into the deepest powers of your beingness? Join me for a legendary journey into Quantum Mastery.

The gateway to your Quantum Leap in personal growth and empowerment. Experience immersive certification-level Quantum Sessions designed to awaken your core and harness the inner wisdom of your higher self.

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Immerse yourself in the frequency of Abundance while Mastering Your Quantum Shift!

In New Zealand or Australia?     Contact: to Purchase




Copy of UPDATED BY JOSHUA QET™ Pendant Brochure Letter to be sent once shipped (1).png

(3 PM ET - 8 PM ET)


Embark on a Journey of Transformation: The Power of QET™ Day

Join us on the inaugural day of our retreat, Friday, for an immersive experience into the essence and energy of Quantum Energy Transformation™. Prepare to go beyond your possibilities!

Expect Awesomeness!

- Introduction to QET™ Principles: Dive deep into the foundational concepts of QET™, understanding the transformative power at your fingertips.

- Embodiment of QET™: Learn how to fully integrate QET™ into your being, ensuring you can access and maintain this powerful state throughout your daily life.

- Being Quantum™: Elevate your energy with this profound process designed to enhance your Quantum State and expand your energetic capacity. Stay Strong and Protected!

- Frequency Amplification: Experience a profound frequency shift as I guide you to raise your vibration to 10,000 Hz, opening the door to new dimensions of energy. Expect an instant Quantum Shift!

- 5D Energy Breakthrough: Step into your power with confidence, ready to navigate any of life's challenges with the newfound strength and clarity that comes from aligning with 5D energy.

Prepare to leave the first day feeling empowered, with a sense of unshakeable confidence and the tools to handle anything that comes your way.

(9 AM ET - 8 PM ET)


Step into the Flow of Prosperity:

The second day of our retreat, Saturday, is dedicated to Actualize Abundance Day, where you'll learn to harness the full potential of Being Quantum™ Advanced and master your energy frequency.

Here's a glimpse of the transformative experiences in store for you:

- Mastery of Being Quantum™ Advanced:
Gain the skills to consistently operate in a powerful quantum state, allowing you to remain in high vibrational energy ongoing throughout each and every day with ease.

- Energy Frequency Mastery: Discover the secrets to controlling and elevating your energy frequency, unlocking the door to a life filled with abundance, joy and possibilities.

- Have Money Now!: Learn my unique approach to manifesting your desires rapidly. As the master of your destiny, you'll learn how to actualize money, love, wellness or anything!

- Living in 5D Energy: Explore what it means to live in the fifth dimension of energy, where abundance flows effortlessly and your highest potential is realized.

- Breakthrough to Abundance: Experience a significant shift in your ability to attract and actualize money, abundance, and the highest energy frequencies personalized for your journey.

(9 AM ET - 8 PM ET)


Embrace Profound Change:

On the third day of our retreat, Sunday, we invite you to experience personal evolution with Transformation Day! This day is crafted to guide you through deep, cellular-level change, leveraging the power of  Quantum.

Here's what you'll be part of on the final day of this crazy awesome retreat:

- Being Quantum™ Advanced Continued: Engage this way of being at a high energy frequency through to the end of your retreat.

- Breathwork for Cellular Movement: Breathe in ways that move energy at the cell level, catalyzing profound shifts within YOU.

- Golden Ball of Light Guided Connection™: Immerse yourself in the protective, loving energies of a 100,000 Hz energy frequency, supercharging your energy field with the Light of source. Release negative emotional patterns, trauma, and ancestral blockages.

- Ho'oponopono Experience: Discover the healing power of this Hawaiian modality to resolve the energies of people you hold negative energy about. Easily move forward, as you release them, and ultimately free yourself. You'll feel relieved and Transformed!

- Breakthrough to a New Existence: Prepare for deep transformation to rapidly release what's been holding you back, paving the way for the life you desire. This day is a Quantum Leap from 0 to 100,000, opening you to new possibilities and a revitalized way of being.




Master your Quantum Shift!


3 Day Full Immersive Retreat


Being Quantum Advanced™ for

deep and Stable Grounding and Connection to Your Higher Self


Energy Frequency Mastery - Ascend to Your Highest Potential


Have Money Now! Your Money Attraction and Action Plan Revealed


The Magic and Power of QET™


HUNA - The Secret of Putting Your Awareness at the Base of Your Spine


Breathing Mastery: Test Drive the Power of Quantum Breathing


Golden Ball of Energy - Instant Shift


Ho'oponopono: Secret Quantum Huna ***Transcending Wounds from Others 


The Core Awakening™ - Deep Cellular Transformation at The Blink of an Eye!


Instant Quantum Shifts: 2023 Event Clearings - Release the Pain of Last Year's Trauma


Lifetime Access to the Complete Retreat on Video - Member Area


Your Personalized Member Area with All Quantum Experiences


Choose Your Favorite QET™ Tool for FREE! Just pay S&H

Plus Amazing Bonuses



Copy of UPDATED BY JOSHUA QET™ Pendant Brochure Letter to be sent once shipped (1).png


100% Quantum Guaranteed

I am 100% committed to giving you the tools, processes, and training you need to feel limitless, confident, and unstoppable. I’ve put my heart and soul into creating this Supercharged, Transformational Quantum Retreat so it's extremely effective for you. I Guarantee that you will get results!

If you don't feel that this retreat is the best Quantum Energy event you've ever attended, and if you’re not experiencing fast, if not instant transformation and results as you expected, I will personally make sure that you get the extra support you require to help you fully get there. That's how committed I am to your personal success, and that’s why I guarantee that this event will 100% work for you.

If you attend the retreat live and engage it as suggested and give it your best shot, read all accompanying materials from start to finish, and have asked for support and still are not satisfied with your results, just fill out my simple questionnaire and I will personally go above and beyond to help you ultimately reach success. 

I’ll personally make sure you get results 100%! That’s how confident I am that YOU WILL get results! If within 10 days from attending this live retreat, you’ve asked for help and if the retreat didn't produce results as you expected in order to reach success, I will provide you not only with extra support, but also give you FREE training and/or additional programs to support your true success. That’s Your 100% Satisfaction and Effectiveness Quantum Energy Center Success Guarantee. I'm here to help you 100% until you get there!

In New Zealand or Australia?     

Contact: to Purchase



Copyright © 2024 Joshua Bloom

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