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It’s All About the Quantum Shift!
Are You a Quantum Shifter?

We are a community of spiritually aware individuals, empaths and intuitives who think for themself and know the importance of the Quantum Shift! We move energy in our bodies at the cellular level through Quantum Energy Transformation™, as a way to eliminate deep and lingering issues, maintain our health, vitality and love for life. We strive to become fully awake and aware, grounded in our spirituality, with connection to the Quantum Field as well as energetically and emotionally strong. We choose our own path, beliefs and values as we shift our identity into who we are capable of becoming through our own personal evolution.

We are here to build a strong community of like-minded empaths, intuitives and Quantum Energy Transformation™ practitioners who are interested in helping themselves and/or helping others.


Many of the students at Quantum Energy Center have evolved by learning and growing through our advanced classes, ‘Come To The Edge!’ program, online community and personal transformation sessions. We ROCK our lives and invite you to do the same!

As Quantum Shifters, we stay sharp with our intuitive and empathic abilities to help ourselves and others. We keep moving forward through life with grace and ease… accept when we don’t...


We allow the bumps in the road on our journey in life to teach us more about who we are and who we are capable of becoming. We live from the possibilities in the Quantum Field as we allow life to get better and better, knowing that it’s totally possible to live from our new found possibilities and live life on our terms!


We honor you for who you are, and who you are choosing to become. We hold space for you, so you can become who you are capable of becoming. If you feel connected to our mission and to our group, please connect with us in our Facebook Community called Limitless YOU!

3 Easy Steps to Becoming a Quantum Shifter...

1. Click on this link:

2. Ask to Join and fill out the form


3. Once Accepted into the group, make that Quantum Leap and jump in, say hello and engage with us. We look forward to connecting with you.

Catch you inside...

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