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Shift Your Energy to Feel Better, More Balanced and Happier Right Now!

What is happiness? You might think you know the answer to this, but let me give you my perspective on happiness. You might think that happiness is a good state of mind, but happiness has nothing to do with your mind. Infact, in order to achieve happiness, your mind does not need to be involved at all. Did I just say that? Yes I did, and it’s true.

We feel better, more balanced and happier when we feel supported by ourselves. You might be thinking that you could then say to yourself, “I am here to support you” or “I want you to be happy,” but that’s not going to work to make you feel happy, now is it? No, of course not. When we feel most supported by ourselves, it’s not what we say to ourselves that makes us feel happy and supported, it’s how you direct, use and hold your energy.

How do you use your energy to create happiness? Well, it’s easier than you might think. You have many systems in your body, and the least talked about, but most powerful system is your energy system. Albert Einstein, with his famous formula E=mc² has proven that we are in fact, energy. Even Matter is energy. Okay, this is not a science class, but a good way to understand how important your energy system really is. Without your energy system, you and I would not be here in this form.

So, how does our energy system work to help us create happiness, and make us feel supported? I thought you would never ask! Your energy system is designed to work in a specific way, but how we have been conditioned to think has stopped us from using our energy system correctly. With our incorrect use of our energy system, most of us feel stressed, tired, out of sorts, anxious, worried, depressed, as well as disconnected. Need I say more?

One of the biggest ways we disconnect from ourselves and feel unsupported, is simply by thinking too much. Yes, overthinking is the culprit for much of our problems including stress, lack of sleep, anxiety as well as our physical ailments. Now, what you can do about this is as simple as getting out of your head and moving into your body. This means that you can STOP the over thinking, and go more into bliss in a matter of minutes or even in just a few seconds.

Believe it or not, you can change how you feel quickly and easily. Not sure that’s true for you? Well, try it for yourself! Watch this video and follow exactly how I guide you into a feeling of bliss, strength and happiness. Then comment below, and let me know how well this worked for you. Share what you discover about yourself through this exercise, and begin using this tool to really and truly shift your energy, emotions and confidence. It all starts here …


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