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Access Your Super Powers By Getting Into Alignment

When you feel fearful, it’s impossible to trust in yourself or your abilities. I know this first hand.  There was a time in my life where fear kept me paralyzed and unable to move forward in life.  With a sprinkle of love, a pinch of trust and a little insight, I was able to heal myself from within, and you can too! You may have heard people say, if you can shift your mindset, you can change your life.  Well it’s true!  However, in Quantum Energy Transformation™, we don’t start with our mind, we start with our body, and keep our attention low at the base of our spine.  This is our recipe for success.

The most important conversation you will have with someone each day, is the conversation you have with yourself.  What are you saying to yourself daily? Are you saying positive or negative things?  How can you be kind to your inner YOU today?  The more you love yourself from the inside out, the better you’ll feel! Each act of self-love will make you want more. You will begin to feel strong and take charge of your life!

Ready to begin? You can boost your confidence and change your energy to shift your mindset, so hold on tight, we’re about to take off on a healing journey you won’t want to miss out on!  Taking action will get your energy moving and that’s the key to making this shift.

5  Simple Knowings to Increase Your Trust with Yourself and the Universe:

1. Ground Yourself

Get out of your head and back into your body so you’re out of  protection and into the energy of growth. Become fully aware of the energy you’re holding onto in your body.  Choose to connect with your inner wisdom and release negative emotions and energies that are no longer serving you. Be intentional about who you connect with.  If you’re surrounded by people that are negative and don’t support your ideas and goals, consider upgrading your circle of friends. Limit the time you spend with people who drain your energy, have negative beliefs, or bring you down.  Surrounding yourself with like-minded, positive people will build your confidence and keep you grounded in yourself and in your community. Who are you spending most of your time with?  Check in… it’s profound!

2. Take Inventory

Be completely honest with yourself about how you feel and the issues that need to be resolved.  Be kind to yourself and acknowledge that you don’t have to have all of the answers to move forward. Be open to possibilities and connect to your inner wisdom. Self-care is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.  Schedule time for play, experience a Guided Connection™, or just get out in nature.  Engage the energy of gratitude.  Feel grateful in your body.  What does that feel like inside?  Then let go or release the feeling of being grateful, and you’ll notice that the feeling of being grateful get’s better and better.  Keep releasing and letting go and soon you’ll realize that you’ve eliminated your self-doubt and have strengthened your self-trust.

3. Choose Empowerment

You have limitless potential and you are capable of creating the life that you want to live. Give yourself permission to trust your intuition and follow the path that feels right for you. Trust that the universe will guide you.  Choose to live a life that fully expresses who you are in your soul.  To do this, simply feel from the inside of your body, with your awareness low at the base of your spine and allow yourself to trust what your body is telling you, rather than your mind.  This is a personal invitation to yourself to allow more and more trust.  Your body always tells you the truth.    Begin to take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings by releasing the energies that hold you back.  Remember, you’re in control of how you think and how you respond to others with the power of letting go.  You can choose to release the energy of criticism from others and choose to have and honor your own empowering self-talk.  What you say to yourself matters!  You’ll notice a change in you, and I know you’ll love it! Change your self-talk and experience the freedom of standing in your own personal power.

4. Balance Your Root Chakra

Choose a quiet place so you can really feel what’s going on in your body.  Focus your attention at the base of your spine: the root chakra.  This powerful chakra is the foundation for all other chakras to rest upon.  Take the time to slow down, hear your own inner voice and FEEL the rhythm of your body and find time to breathe.  Your chakras will get back into alignment with your attention, mindfulness and intention.  It just takes a few minutes.  Discover the richness of the silence and feel the energy of your chakras radiate through your body.

5. Shift Your Energy Into Confidence

Feeling more confident is an energy.  To be in the energy of confidence, step into the energy of having limitless possibilities and potential.  Allow the energy of confidence to build inside your body until you feel it so strongly that you’re standing taller straighter and much more in alignment physically, energetically and emotionally.  Experience your energy as it shifts and raises in frequency.  You’re now tapping into your possibilities that await you.  Now What’s possible for you?!

You are enough.  Embrace it! You are powerful beyond measure and are capable of being your own SuperHero in your life story.  Don’t allow external forces to distract you from your possibilities and dreams.

Become all you can be by loving yourself and nurturing yourself.  You have everything you need inside of yourself to find the answers you need.  Tap into your inner wisdom and allow yourself to acknowledge your limitless potential. When you’re feeling self-doubt creeping in, tell yourself, “I’ve got this!” Starting NOW, choose to move forward.  I trust in you!


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