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How to Move from Stuck to Triumph and Make Anything Possible!

This has been an exciting month! So many of you have discovered that within you is the power to make ANYTHING possible. You’ve also learned this process doesn’t have to be a difficult, painful struggle.

Instead, it can be joyful and energizing!

Knowing you have a set of tools at your fingertips that allow you to move from stuck to triumph is life changing. When you fully integrate these tools into your life and master them, you awaken to the INCREDIBLE realization that if you can imagine it – you can make it happen!

Instead of being exhausted by fears, doubts and negative beliefs, you can be energized by confidence, love, and a certainty that you can accomplish ANYTHING!

This is an amazing feeling to wake up to each morning! Here are some of the tools that will help you make it happen.

“Ready or Not, Here I Go!”

In the past it it was hard for me to move forward because I had issues with anxiety and fear, and I wasn’t doing well at all. I was anxious all the time, and the more people told me not to be anxious… the more anxious I became! So, if you’ve been in the same place… or if you’re there right now… I can relate!

I tried to bounce back by trying over 20 different modalities, but nothing worked. In fact, everything I tried made me feel like I was stuck in quicksand. I felt like I was in jail in my own body, and it was very difficult to overcome.

Ironically, I began to get better by helping other people. When I saw them get better, I knew I needed to apply what I was teaching to others… to myself. (What a crazy idea, huh!) One thing I figured out was that if I wanted to change, I couldn’t wait until I felt ready.

This applies to all of us. Because if we wait until we’re ready, ready never happens. Instead, what we have to do is make a commitment to change now! We have to choose to change… allow the change… and just say,  “Ready or not, here I go!”

Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Body

Moving from stuck to triumph requires a change in your mindset. A great way to change your mindset is by shifting your energy out of your mind and into your body. This balances you out.

This may surprise you, but your body moves information MUCH faster than your mind. Your body is for processing information, and your mind is for being in the moment and taking action.

You can’t use your mind to move large amounts of information because your mind is not meant to do it. But, your body is!  If you want to escape negative emotions, get out of your head and back into your body.

How do you  get into your body? It’s easy. Put your attention at the base of your spine. Keep your awareness low in your body, breathe in and open your energy, and you’ll feel much more grounded.

Rock Your Way into Your Body

No, I’m not talking about cranking up Van Halen as a way to move from your head into your body. I’m referring to the gentle rocking motion your parents used to calm you down as a baby. Or the kind of gentle rocking you do in a rocking chair.

When you rock your body, it draws down your fight or flight mechanism and brings you into relaxation. Anxiety comes up as a result of our fight or flight mechanism.  In today’s overly-stimulated hectic world, you can be in a fight or flight state so often that you don’t even recognize it.

When you’re continually in such a state, it only takes a little push for you to reach the level of an anxiety attack. Any kind of rocking is a great way to relieve this. A lot of the rocking movements in yoga are why you feel so calm and relaxed after a yoga session.

Rocking is a great way to get into your body. Doing so makes you feel lighter, happier, and freer because it takes you out of your fight or flight state.  Getting out of your head and into your body is the ideal way to get unstuck. Rocking is a great way to achieve this!

Breathe Your Way into Your Body

Most of us pay little or no attention to our breathing as we move through the day. But you should! Your breath is like a pump that moves energy through you and out of you. However, to have your breathing work for you, you have to get out of your head and into your body… because energy doesn’t move when you’re in your head.

As you move into your body, focus on long, slow nourishing breaths. This moves energy through you and out of you, and further draws you into a relaxed state. Deeper, slower breaths refresh every cell in your body, making it easier to achieve a calm, relaxed state.

Combine better breathing patterns with rocking movements, and you’ll be able to transfer into a relaxed state of allowing anytime you want to.

Choose to Feel Excited for No Reason

When you get unstuck by moving from your head into your body, you can now consider the possibilities in a big, bold, and brand new way!

An amazing way to do this is to choose to feel excited… instead of scared. Feeling excited is a much more healthy place to be, and you have to be in a healthy place to make good decisions. So, condition yourself to be excited more often!

Make getting excited a habit and a pattern in your life. Many people choose to not feel excited until exciting things happen to them. But it doesn’t work this way. To have more exciting things happen to you, you have to be in a state of excitement first.

Doing so opens you up to a world of incredible possibilities!

So choose to get excited for no reason. Getting in this new pattern will change your brain chemistry, raise your energy frequency… and this is when Anything is possible!

This is how your body is designed to work!

I hope this month has resulted in a major shift in how you view your ability to make anything possible! You have all the power you need within you to make your life everything you’ve dreamed it can be.

I am here for you, and I want to help you anyway I can as you continue to learn the secrets to manifesting joy and success faster than ever!

Please leave a comment and share your thoughts, feelings and experiences about how you’re moving away from stuck toward triumph and fulfillment. I’d also be happy to answer your questions.


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