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Staying in Your Power

This has been an exciting month as many of you discovered that you have empathic abilities. Isn’t it great to know that there are ways you can cope with overwhelm from experiencing too many emotions from your surroundings? I know, I felt so much better when I was able to get beyond overwhelm and find balance in my life!

Being an empath can be a blessing, but it can also feel like a curse if we don’t know how to deal with the abundance of emotional and energetic information coming into our system. Another potential drain to our system is due to encountering emotional vampires, which can be so exhausting for us! Let me recap the five different types of emotional vampires you might encounter:

1. The Narcissist – This type of emotional vampire is usually all about himself. Their needs will always come first. This individual will most likely have a highly inflated sense of self-worth. Their behavior can be dangerous if they have little to no empathy for others and little capacity for unconditional love. Empaths can often feel like they are being punished because the narcissist will often withhold affection if they are not pleased. Limit the amount of time you spend with this type of person and prevent yourself from feeling unlovable or unworthy.

2.The Victim – This emotional vampire almost always has a “poor me” attitude. They feel like the whole world is out to get them. Whenever anything goes wrong, they tend to blame external circumstances for their unhappiness and emotional issues. They are not usually solution driven individuals, they would rather wallow in their problems –  and as they say, “Misery loves company!” Beware! They will try to suck you into their level of despair. Protect yourself by limiting the amount of time you spend with this type of person.

3. The controller – They dictate how you should feel, communicate and act. They love to hear themselves talk and will overshare opinions if you let them. They will invalidate you if you don’t fit into their mold. Empaths can feel dominated and demeaned by their “What you need…” statements. Set healthy boundaries if you spend a lot of time with this type of emotional vampire.

4. The Constant Talker – This emotional vampire has one mission in life…to fill the air with the sound of their own voice. Because they are very self-focused, it appears that they don’t care about you. They tend to never let you get in a word edgewise. They don’t respect boundaries and will disrupt your area of comfort if you let them. Take your first opportunity to interrupt the conversation and stand in your personal power. Protect yourself from this emotional vampire by knowing where you stand in life, and with all issues when spending time with this kind of person.

5. The Drama Queen – This type of vampire has a flair for making a small thing into a BIG deal. They feed on other people’s emotions and will embellish a story just to get an emotional response. The more extreme the emotional response, the more powerful they feel. Standing in your personal power and staying calm is the best way to deflate their intense energy and help bring things back into balance.

After an encounter with an emotional vampire, empaths typically feel like their energy has plummeted due to an overload of negative feelings, depression or anxiety. They may even have a strong desire to take a nap or get overloaded on carbs to comfort and soothe their frayed emotions.

So make sure you know who you’re spending time with in your life, and weigh the benefits against the negatives.

Because empaths are highly sensitive natural givers, it’s easy for other people to take advantage of them. They want to nurture others and avoid conflict. The underlying tensions of unresolved conflict can be draining, as many empaths absorb other people’s emotions. Most empaths are highly intuitive and can sense when a vampire is lurking in the shadows. Tune into your gut and avoid these encounters when possible. If you must engage with a vampire, take the time afterward to be alone and recharge your energy.

Empaths thrive in loving, tranquil environments. Seek to fill your space with positive energy, peaceful rituals, and people who are compassionate and appreciate this special gift inside of you.

Engage Quantum Energy Transformation™ to release negativity, reduce your stress, strengthen your energy, as well as expand and hone your intuition. Please share your experience of being an empath in the box below and let me know how I can help you as you continue to learn and discover ways to home in on your intuitive abilities.

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Jien Tumanda
Jien Tumanda
Feb 09, 2021

I love this!

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