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You're Unprotected, Exposed and Vulnerable


DON’T Leave it to CHANCE! Negative Forces can attack unexpectedly.
ACTUALLY, it may  be happening
now, and you DON’T even know it!

YES! There IS a solution: 

Introducing QET™ Energy Tools:

Complete Energy Field and Home Protection Solution!

Using The Power of the Quantum Field… 

to your greater inner purpose

your best life

into who you are capable of becoming

in the Quantum Field to create any possibility

yourself from psychic attack and entities

to the highest energy frequencies possible

confident and unstoppable!









YES! Give Me That Quantum Shift & Complete Protection!

The Power of Energetically Infused Crystalline Energy

In these difficult and trying times, it’s nearly impossible for empaths,

intuitives & energy workers to stay positive, be in our highest vibration

as well as evolve and ascend into who we are truly capable of becoming. 

We have been in such need for a huge paradigm shift in our world and within ourselves as light workers, to be fed the life force we require to continue to heal, shift and change our precious world for the better.

So I asked this powerful question…

“What is it that will give us back our edge and enhance what we already have inside, in order to allow us to live in our full GREATNESS?” 

The answer is the next generation of Quantum Energy Enhancement… 

Tools that actually:

Protect you from negative forces and entities


Supercharge your personal power

Open your possibilities

And raises YOU to the next level of your BEINGNESS.

The Power of 5D Personal Protection & Transformation Energy Tools

Personal Protection, Transformation and Balance

Boost Your Vibration | Supercharge Your Energy   
Amplify Your Intuition | Ground Your Body 
Repel Entities | Eliminate Negativity 

Ultimate Home Protection & Quantum Energy Shield 
Generate a Powerful Golden Shield of Protection |
STOP Entities 100% From Entering/Taking Over Your Home |  
| Protect Your Home Energetically 100%

Joshua Bloom Portrait
QET™ Pendant 3 Final.png


How I Instantly Transformed My Life

With QET™ Generators and Pendants



I grew up with entities in my home from Birth. Through my entire life, I've always felt like I was living on an episode of the hit Television Show "Charmed". Wherever I went, the entities would follow. 

So, I learned the most powerful and fastest way to clear entities. I felt like a super empathic warrior!


However, regardless of how much I increased my energy frequency, blocked the entities energetically and released them, the tricky entities would find a way to trip me up, grab my attention and cause chaos in my life, making me feel out of sorts, fearful and frustrated for years!  

Then I discovered my very special and personal spiritual guides. I call them, The Travelers. I have learned so much from them that I started to connect with the Travelers to help all empaths, intuitives and energy workers to finally take their power back to become confident and unstoppable! 


One day The Travelers taught me how to create spectacular energy tools and how to amp up their energy upwards of 100,000 Hz energy frequency, using extremely powerful crystalline energies.

I call them, The Quantum Energy Transformation™ Crystalline Tools.

QET™ Pendants with Mica to Supercharge my energy, protect me from entity attachments and increase my intuition.

QET™ Generators with Mic to Protect My Home, Protect me from EMF and help me transform. 

Once I put the pendant on, I felt a huge and powerful shift, a lightness in my heart chakra as well as all over my body.

The pendant works well beyond what I even thought possible! It keeps entities and attachments 
away from me, supercharges and grounds my energy, lifts my energy frequency, raises my trust level by 75%, making me feel much stronger and more courageous.


It has resolved so many of my fears, and continues 24/7 to release and transform energies that no longer serve me. It continues to change my life daily!


Then to take my protection and safety to yet another level, I discovered how to create the QET™ Generators with Mica in much the same way I created the QET™ Pendant with Mica. 

I keep out entities from my home, as the QET™ Generators fully protect my home from entities and other negative forces. Friends, guests and even contractors who come to fix something get instantly cleared by the generators before they get into my home, making my family 100% protected and safe.


I have no more worries about entities entering my home and making me feel crazy with anxiety. No more feeling fear or feeling out of sorts.

To say the least, the QET™ Generators and Pendants have change my life more than any words could ever say! 

You're about to discover all of what is possible for YOU with my QET™ Protection and Energy tools...






Get at Least 5 Generators with Mica OR 3 Pendants and Receive a FREE 40 Minute Video Transformation Experience to Uplevel Your Energy Frequency and Let Go of Negative Forces Now 

Value $200!

Get 2 supercharged Guided Connections™ and training that will take you to your next level of energy; "Transcend Your Beingness - 5D Consciousness Energy Transformation For Light Workers".


This transformative experience includes “The Golden Light Attunement” that was received by Jesus from the white light beings, which created what we now refer to as Christ Consciousness. This is an opportunity to embody this Golden Light energy yourself to assist you on your life’s journey moving forward.

Imagine being able to generate angelic, positive energy (Christ Consciousness) yourself without effort any time you require it. This means that you will be attuned with The Golden Light of protection and the super-high frequency of the golden light. You will have the same opportunity to undergo this attunement and experience its effective frequencies and benefits in the same way that Jesus did.

Receive protection from Negative Forces that will stop you from dropping down into low frequencies.


Energy frequency upgrade, allows you to enter 5D more easily. Enhances your energy and aligns you more strongly with your QET™ Pendant. You’ll feel and even see the golden light flowing through your central column. Amazing! Align and shift your chakras into full balance and 5D energy so you can align more with your higher self, your QET™ pendant and the universe with ease.

Additionally, in this same powerful 40 minute video presentation, I will be providing you with an “Otherworldly Release” that will eliminate negative otherworldly energies that have held us all back as light workers and energy healers for years.

This experience ensures that you are no longer carrying around any negative alien energy within you, and you will feel empowered, lighter, and stronger. It’s truly an amazing experience that my guides (The Travelers) have shared with me so I can help you move towards 5D energy faster and easier than ever before.

This 40 minute presentation training and Guided Connection™ experiences are one of a kind! Only a small group of people have actually received the Golden Light attunement and Otherworldly release. This is your opportunity to experience them. 

2. "Through The Quantum Portal" Online Oracle card Game - 1 Month FREE Membership with Instructional Videos and Written Directions Teaching You How to Play 

Value $99 



Get the Quantum Shift You've been waiting for...

The "Through The Quantum Portal" online oracle card game helps you release and transform, trauma, pain, negative emotions and other debilitating issues that show up in your life with ease. 

y moment, including this moment, and every moment experienced in this game, opens the doors to new possibilities that you may not have even considered possible for you. Any given moment holds the potential for energy movement to flow through you, and for your body to instantly manifest Quantum change through Quantum beingness.  


Discover What’s possible for you in the Quantum Field by going through the Quantum Portal and into the next version of YOU! 



3. Bringing In The Light Guided Connection™

Value $60

This powerful experience will take you on a journey into

the Quantum Field, allowing you to create a Quantum

Shift at the cellular level of your body. By simply keeping

your awareness at the base of your spine during this

Guided Connection™, you'll be able to harness the

spiritual light and raise your energy frequency to

become the next level of who you're truly capable of becoming. 
Imagine feeling relaxed, grounded, and completely open as you allow the light to flow through you, filling every cell of your being with healing and transformative energy. This experience will stay with you long after it's over, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, inspir
ed, and ready to take on the world!


Oracle Card.png
QET™ Pendant 3 Final.png
Copy of UPDATED BY JOSHUA QET™ Pendant Brochure Letter to be sent once shipped (1).png



Supercharging PROTECTION and Energy Stabilizing

Generators for Empaths, Intuitives & Energy Workers

Upgrade Your Home...


Upgrade Your Energy...

ENRICO'S COPY of  QET™ Pendant E-BOOK 1-10-23 (3).png


Keep negative energy & disingenuous people away & out of your energy. Eliminate psychic attack. 



Increase your immune function and promote wellness by being in a state of Growth for strength, transformation & wellbeing with your pendant.



Protects you from the potentially harmful effects of EMF Radiation. Super-strengthen your energy field, chakras and energy vibration with ease.


Amplify your energy vibration to supercharged levels, upwards of 10,000 Hz +, stabilizing you energetically, emotionally, physically & mentally for unsurpassed happiness, vitality and balance.



Quickly mitigates fear, anxiety and stress by grounding you deeply within the Quantum Field. Feel more present, confident and powerful.


When your trust level is high, you feel safe. Feel more self secure, without worry. Raise your trust level 75%, making you feel stable & grounded.


Grounds you into your body deeply. Feel more stable emotionally, energetically & physically.

Quickly and easily BOOST your intuition, trust level and vibration...

Protect yourself and your home 100%

Supercharge your InnerBeing with QET™




ENRICO'S COPY of  QET™ Pendant E-BOOK 1-

The QET™ Pendants and Generators fuse together the two most powerful perspectives of energy known today: Quantum Physics, the study of possibility and Spirituality, our connection to Source.

Although both of these perspectives are measured quite differently; Quantum Physics, which is based in Science
, and Spirituality, which comes from our connection to Source, are both in alignment and agreement with each other.

Each one of us holds the potential that allows anything to be possible!     

Now that we know that we have this unlimited potential, and with the QET™ Pendant, we can amplify and ignite that potential within. 

Lipton with black border.png

According to Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, One of the main reasons that we feel the energies so powerfully when high level beings like monks chant, is because energy is being held and amplified by the crystals around them. "Crystals bind energy and if you can extract their energy, they become akin to a battery.”

The crystals of the QET™ Pendant store, emit and amplify energy like a battery, emitting powerful, spiritual energy that fuels and empowers you to be at your very best.

Bruce Lipton explains that “we've always been programmed to ignore the invisible realm as not being relevant to our world. 

BUT now we know, the understanding of Quantum Physics and the role of the invisible realm, IS more powerful in shaping the physical realm than is the physical realm itself.”

The energy fields in which we live are actually shaping us as well as the world that we experience.

The crystals that form The QET™ Pendants and Generators are holding and amplifying the energetically infused crystalline energy that I have personally entrained to extremely high energy frequencies, just like how Lipton stated crystals work. Also, as you will soon discover more deeply, the "Morphic Field" created around you by the QET™ Pendant IS the invisible energy that Lipton refers to, that shapes us and the physical world around us.

Albert Einstein said, "The field is the sole governing agency of a particle." Lipton explains that this means that "a particle is matter, but it's the field that gives shape to that matter. Who's field are you in, as it's the field that changes everything!”

Lipton continues, “There are scientific studies that have shown how meditation in groups have changed characteristics of cities in regard to violence or love or what was going on in the city. While meditators were in the practice of their meditation in bringing peace to the city, it actually changed the people in the city according to the statistics. Did it work? Absolutely! Unfortunately, when the meditators went home, the whole thing stopped. If we live with spiritual activism in our heart and use it every day, then this is not just an 'on and off' event. This is a continuous process of shaping the environment and the community in which we live."

Meditators put high frequency energy and positivity into the "Morphic Field", and it was the field that changed everything within the city.


With The QET™ Pendants and Generators, you can personally and easily shape your world and the world in which you live. By using the amplified energetically infused crystalline energies that you and your QET™ tools continuously create together, you have a tremendous impact on yourself and the world around you.

Unlike when the meditators stopped meditating and the benefits stopped, your QET™ Pendant will vibrate rapidly with your energy and energetically collaborate with you 24/7 to always up-level your field, positively influencing you and everything around you. The same experience happens with your home once you place your QET™ Generators. You'll have a Golden Light Forcefield of protection around your home. 

Copy of UPDATED BY JOSHUA QET™ Pendant Brochure Letter to be sent once shipped (1).png

The QET™ Pendants and Generators were designed using the science of Quantum Physics, energy transformation and crystalline energy to help you raise & release submerged emotions at the cellular level of the body.

Experience the way to freedom, through the positive enhancing effects these tools have on your home, energy, body, mind and ever growing spirit.


They help you release, allowing you to make transformative changes, as you step away from old patterns. These tools are excellent for releasing deeply held beliefs and emotions that are no longer serving you.


Imagine having the ability to release past issues, emotions and painful events quickly and easily; the Quantum way! Finally let go of the lower energy frequencies that have held you back for so long. Process old stagnant energies that no longer support you. And with the QET™ Generators imagine having even more supercharged energies supporting you. 


As Quantum Releasers, energy protectors and supercharged manifesters, these QET™ Tools have the power to balance, stabilize and keep you in alignment with the universe, your goals & your dreams.

Copy of UPDATED BY JOSHUA QET™ Pendant Brochure Letter to be sent once shipped (1).png

Personal Experiences

Silvana Laggiero

Silvana Leggiero.jpg

This is what we call a Quantum Shift...

"Sitting with the generators made such a difference! As I closed my eyes, my body started to release tension and I found myself yawning. It felt like soup bubbling from the depths of my being - all the energy I'd been holding onto was finally able to shift and reset. The transformation was truly amazing. I am so grateful to Joshua for introducing me to the generators - they've helped me in ways words can't describe."

Debra McCulloch

Debra McCulloch.jpg

"My Pendants and Generators

Connect with Eachother! Wow!" 


“Thank you Joshua for helping me! It was absolutely enormous for me! I noticed that the pendants and the generators perked up as I connected to them.


They are all connected with each other. That is awesome! I put my finger on the red spinel, located on the generator to resolve a big fear! Powerful! Thank you!!”

Copy of UPDATED BY JOSHUA QET™ Pendant Brochure Letter to be sent once shipped (1).png

Savannah Kyle

As soon as she put it on, she knew it worked!


"Hey there! I just have to share with you all about my absolute favorite piece of jewelry, the QET Pendant. My dad first got one because he loved the energy of it, but as soon as I saw it, I just had to try it on too!Let me tell you, this pendant is the coolest and cutest thing I've ever worn. I feel like such a fashion icon wearing it around. But what's even better is that the energy it gives off is just amazing. I feel happier, more energized, and just all around better when I wear it.It didn't take long for me to become obsessed with it. I literally couldn't go a day without wearing it, so my dad got me my own. I wear my pendant every day.I'm 13 years old and I love this pendant so much! I truly do. It has made such a positive impact on my life and I can't thank Joshua who created the QET Pendant enough for making something so special. If you're looking for an awesome piece of jewelry that will not only make you look good but feel good too, I highly recommend the QET Pendant. It's seriously the best!"

Copy of UPDATED BY JOSHUA QET™ Pendant Brochure Letter to be sent once shipped (1).png
ENRICO'S COPY of  QET™ Pendant E-BOOK 1-10-23 (3).png

Lois K.

 “I felt so much energy in the body and so much movement because I've got the generator sitting right beside me and I'm pulling that energy in."

“The pendant can help you to raise your energy frequency faster and easier. You can also use the pendant to help others raise their energy.”

Sara M.

Jean S.

“I use the QET™ pendant to make it easier to release in the Quantum Field.”

Lori K.

“I enjoy using the pendant! I release faster and feel the movement of energy to rise higher within me. An awesome quantum experience!”

Take Your Energy and Protection
to the Next Level of Possibility!




3 QET™ Generators with Mica


Healing & Transformation Now


Protect Your Home from Entities


EMF Protection From Your
Computer & Other Devices


Only $125 Each

Save $223




4 QET™ Generators with Mica


2 QET™ Pendants with Mica


Protect Your Home From Entities


Healing & Transformation


Put a Generator at each doorway for complete protection


Golden Light Force Field


EMF Protection From Your Computer & Other Devices


STOP Radiation from weakening
your energy
(Wear 2 QET™ Pendants with Mica)


FREE Home Entity Clearing 
(For 1 Location)

Better Than Half Price


Save $1,240



Choose Any # of QET™
Generators & Pendants


QET™ Generators with Mica


QET™ Pendants with Mica


Protect Your Home from Entities


Healing & Transformation Now


Put a Generator at each doorway
for complete protection


EMF Protection From Your
Computer & Other Devices


FREE Home Entity Clearing 
(For 1 Location) with Purchase of
4 or more Generators

The More You Buy
The More You Save



100% Quantum Guaranteed

I am 100% committed to giving you the tools, processes, and training you need to feel limitless, confident, and unstoppable. I’ve put my heart and soul into creating the QET™ Pendant so it's easy and works extremely effectively. I Guarantee that you will get results!

If you don't feel that the QET™ Pendant is the best Quantum Energy Tool ever and if you’re not experiencing relief, energy protection and results as you expected, I will personally make sure that you get the extra support you require to help you fully get there. That's how committed I am to your personal success, and that’s why I guarantee that the QET™ Pendant will 100% work for you.

If you wear the QET™ Pendant as suggested in the companion e-book and give it your best shot, read all accompanying materials from start to finish, attend all live Quantum Shift Mastery classes and have asked for support and still are not satisfied with your results, just fill out my simple questionnaire and I will personally go above and beyond to help you ultimately reach success. 

I’ll personally make sure you get results 100%! That’s how confident I am that the QET™ Pendant will work for you! If within 30 days from your purchase, you’ve asked for help and the pendant isn’t working as you expected in order to reach success, I will provide you not only with extra support, but also give you FREE training and or additional programs to support your true success. That’s Your 100% Satisfaction and Effectiveness Quantum Energy Center 30-Day Success Guarantee. I'm here to help you 100% until you get there!



Copyright © 2023 Joshua Bloom

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