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You Deserve to Become More Confident and Unstoppable

Take your ENERGY TRANSFORMATION as an empath and intuitive to a whole new level of fulfillment and AWESOMENESS!

Our mission at Quantum Energy Center, LLC is to provide YOU with vibrant and uplifting content for expansion, growth and Transformation. We work in partnership with new thought leaders and experts to spread exciting concepts and ideas that engage, encourage, and inspire people to take action toward making quantum leaps in their lives. 

The Quantum Energy Center, LLC is here to build a stronger and more successful community of like-minded empaths and energy practitioners who are interested in helping themselves and/or helping others. Many of our students have transformed and evolved by learning and growing through our transformation school, online community and personal sessions.


We are devoted to helping empaths, intuitives and sensitive souls too quickly, and many times instantly, transform their lives using the most recent developments in Quantum Science, Quantum Physics and Energy Transformation.


“Instantly,” is defined as faster than with conventional methods. Instead of taking months or years to create the result, we find that with Quantum Energy Transformation™, emotional, physical issues, and dis-ease can transform much faster; from a matter of a few minutes, to a couple of weeks.

Welcome to the work of Joshua Bloom & Quantum Energy Transformation™ 

“When miracles seem impossible, I help empaths transform their lives “instantly,” through the science of energy.” — Joshua Bloom.

Expect Relief, Breakthroughs and unbound Confidence with Quantum Energy Transformation™, as we engage together in the Quantum Field as I help you grow and thrive beyond what you may have considered possible. (Oh...and best of all, it will be easy)

At Quantum Energy Center, LLC, we honor you for who you are, and who you are becoming. The following sums up our philosophy: Feel better because we wholeheartedly believe: 

  • We are all connected as ONE Energy.

  • We all have the ability to connect to ourselves.

  • When we are connected to ourselves fully, we are connected to everything in the universe.

  • Feeling this connection from within is an opportunity to experience this web of ONE that we are.

  • This connection is what makes ANYTHING possible!

  • Love is our natural state of being and is always flowing through us.

  • I open up to the world and all of its wondrous possibilities.

  • I move with the flow of life, as everything is unfolding exactly as it should.

  • There is NO failure, only feedback.

  • Life is my feedback.  Life is my playground.  I allow myself to evolve as I move through my life.

  • The mind and body flow together as one. Shift one and they both change.

  • I am in charge of my mind and body and, therefore, my outcome.

  • Every choice we choose is the right choice in that moment.

  • Each choice we make provides us with new learning, and an opportunity to evolve.

  • All of life’s experiences can be an invitation for change.

  • If one person in the world can do what I want to do, I can do it too!

Discover what’s Possible for

YOU in the Quantum Field

Become a Certified Practitioner in
Quantum Energy Transformation™

Are you feeling overloaded? Are other people draining your energy? Do you feel unsafe in your world?

Advanced Certification Training in Quantum Energy Transformation™. Master Your Energy, Grow Your Business and have Limitless Results.

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