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How to heal decades in minutes

A masterclass program to help you transform anything, without years of therapy or counseling, using Quantum Energy Transformation™.


Have you tried everything and are still unable to transform chronic or debilitating ailments?

If you’re done with the following, this program (and book) are right for you…


You’ve spent a small fortune on therapy with little effect.


You feel more is possible but not sure how.

You’re fed up with not living to your potential.


You wake up each morning with your health on your mind.

You’re unable to find long term relief for chronic ailments.

You’ve forgotten about the joy in your life.

This masterclass audio program will help you see beyond the obstacles that keep you from living the life you deserve.


Here's The 7 Secrets to Creating Permanent Quantum Shifts NOW.


This audio Masterclass, included instantly with your pre-order of the best-selling book, will help you understand the difference between the model of the world we’ve all been taught and the natural Quantum Model of how energy transformation really works. Through this understanding, you’ll be given tools to rapidly change the circumstances in your life and get to know yourself in a much deeper way. And best of all, it’s going to be easy!


Learn to Make Transformation Easy

Contrary to how we've traditionally been taught - transformation can be easy, because it's natural. Take back creativity, wonder and connection within yourself. Here is some of what you'll learn in The 7 Secrets to Permanent Quantum Shifts audio Masterclass before your book arrives.

Gain Certainty & Confidence by Knowing How to Focus

Become confident & unstoppable by knowing exactly what to focus on to live in an energy of openess & joy.

Get Energy Moving By Shifting Your Perspective

Learn the secret to shifting perspective that will open the doors to a new world, new life and new possibilities for youself!

Cut Out What Doesn't Work & Evolve From Within

Discover how to let go of what doesn't serve you, STOP struggling and START living the life that you CHOOSE to have!

What People Are Saying About The Ultimate Answer


“I thoroughly enjoyed this book to the extent that I couldn’t stop reading! An eye opener, wisdom filled, has the reader engaged all the way through. I highly recommend, especially for those seeking true answers and enlightenment. I read the book and Re-read it.”

Empath & Intuitive


Nia Peterson

Empath & Intuitive

”This book emanates that energy into your hands as you read it. You’ll feel into the energy to make it stronger. Discover how the chakra system really works, how it affects your life and learn to trust your body. You’ll go deeper, erase negative thoughts, raise your vibration and move energy to become the best you.”


Veronica Peterson
Empath & Intuitive

“This book breaks down complex cellular scientific theories that support Quantum Energy Transformation. It gets to the root causes of conditions and introduces the new Quantum Model for transformation. I highly recommend. Learned a great deal. Life altering!”


Live on Your Terms with Quantum Energy Transformation

A leader in personal development and founder of Quantum Energy Transformation™, Joshua Bloom has been devoted to helping people discover Quantum Physics in a brand new and practical way in order to shift and transmute any issue or problem. He, himself, is a product of his discoveries and tools - having once suffered through crippling anxiety - Joshua has gone on to help thousands of people release debilitating conditions within minutes using the principles and tools within his new Best-Selling book and 7 Secrets audio Masterclass - offered together now for the first time during this special book pre-order.


A Special Forward by Dr. Bruce Lipton

Included within the Best-Selling book

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D

Renowned Developmental Biologist

“At this time, it is absolutely necessary that we understand the nature of energy and invisible forces and how they impact our lives. In The Ultimate Answer, Author Joshua Bloom provides a vital life enhancing knowledge about energy fields and consciousness that can be used to empower your life. Knowledge is power, and the awareness offered by Joshua is indeed a powerful resource for taking control of our lives.”

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