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Accomplish Your Dreams in the Quantum Field and Tap Into

Your Deeper Knowing, Through the Magic of Your Beingness

Become a Certified Practitioner in Quantum Energy Transformation™

We work closely with students to get them to the highest level of transformation permanently. It is our mission to help you stand strong in your power and open up to new outrageous possibilities and make your dream your reality

The Benefits of Being a Certified

Quantum Energy Transformation™


This is a prestigious and timely opportunity to create a powerful business and alter the lives of everyone you engage with in the most powerful and positive ways possible.

Quantum Energy Transformation™ practitioners are able to handle just about any issue that comes their way because of the power of the modality, the ease in using the modality and the proficiency you will have through our superior training. Become one of the few people in the world who can help others create transformation at the blink of an eye.

The benefits for becoming a certified practitioner go well beyond what you can see. It’s the deep connections and loving energy you’ll feel while helping others transform their lives quickly and easily that will have you living on a high.


You’ll also feel such a sense of accomplishment for reaching this level of energy mastery, and you’ll experience it every time you provide a transformation session for someone who requires your help. 

Your “Come to The Edge!” Program provides the most advanced and superior training in the transformation industry today, making it possible for you to become highly respected and one of the best energy workers in the field.

Being a Quantum Energy Transformation™ Practitioner offers professional opportunities to earn money and have a career that you love. Many of our Practitioners earn a very good living, while others use their abilities to supplement their income. No matter how you choose to use your certification, it’s a meaningful way to move forward, live a life beyond the possibilities and create a powerful business.


Licensing of the Quantum-Touch Trade Name: Practitioners and Instructors can use the Quantum-Touch Trade Name, techniques, systems, and organization to create a business as a Quantum-Touch practitioner and instructor. Only Quantum-Touch Practitioners and Instructors are legally allowed to advertise Quantum-Touch classes and sessions, thereby lending credibility to the title of Quantum-Touch Practitioners and Instructors.


Professionalism and Credibility: Being a Quantum Energy Transformation™ practitioner is a much deeper level of professionalism than simply knowing some information about Quantum Energy Transformation™. Becoming a practitioner means that you’ve reached a very high level of achievement, proficiency, awareness and beingness. You’ve had Joshua Bloom’s personal help and expertise to help you hone your skills to become an amazing and powerful practitioner.

Joshua Bloom also may provide you with recommendations, referrals as well as back up your certification to employers and other business professionals. This is only provided at the level of certification.


The best part of being a Quantum Energy Transformation™ practitioner is the fast and easy transformation you experience with yourself as you help others do the same. You will make a difference in the world, starting with yourself and inviting new possibilities and transformation with everyone you come into contact with through your new found beingness.

In the fast paced and Newtonian world that we live in today, the demand for advanced practitioners who can help clients deal with deep and lingering issues that seem impossible to transform is growing daily. People everywhere are looking for answers outside of the medical, therapy and Newtonian models proactively, as they strive for better answers with a more natural, noninvasive and faster approach as Quantum Energy Transformation™ provides.... And those issues that seem impossible, CAN become possible in the Quantum Field with the power of Quantum Energy Transformation™.


Become one of the best trained practitioners in the industry starting with your certification in Quantum Energy Transformation™

We offer 3 levels of Advanced Training and Certification in Quantum Energy Transformation™; ‘Come To The Edge!’ ‘Quantum Coaching’ and ‘Master Coaching.’

Those students who have taken all 3 levels of certification, not only have one of the highest proficiency levels in the energy transformation industry today, they also have transformed their biggest lingering issues and increased their transformation speed greatly by creating fast, and even instant transformations for themselves and their clients.

Our Training is Much Like The Matrix Movie…
And just as Awesome!

matrix pills.jpg

In the original movie, “The Matrix,” Morpheus offers Neo a choice. Neo must choose the blue pill or the red pill.

If he chooses the blue pill, Neo gets to believe whatever he wants to believe, and goes back into the facade of his current reality.


However, if he chooses the red pill, Neo will discover the truth about himself, “the Matrix,” and how he relates to the world. He will evolve into the next evolution of himself and embody a deep understanding about existence and reality that most people will never understand or even know about.

Morpheus says to Neo, “Unfortunately no one can be told what “the matrix” is ... you have to see it for yourself.” Our program is no different!

This program also offers YOU a choice. Do you choose to go back into the facade of your own life or do you, as Neo did, choose to know the truth about “your reality,” “potentiality,” and abundant possibilities within you?


Similar to what Morpheus said, ‘Unfortunately no one can be told what “The Quantum Field” is ... you must experience it for yourself.’ Ready or not ...


Like Neo plugged into the Matrix to learn karate in an hour's time, you will plug into the learning state through your own beingness and connection to all of the fields and the Quantum Field.


You will learn in a way where you retain the information without having to write it down or try to remember it. When you need this information the most, the information will show up in the moment as you help yourself and your clients with the power of your connection in the Quantum Field. This superior way of learning will help you become an awesome practitioner that can help so many people. The world needs you to know how to help yourself and others transform in such a brilliant and powerful way. Most importantly… The world needs you!


It all starts with the power of your beingness in the Quantum Field.

Come To The Edge! - The Quantum Tools

Discover a Complete System and Modality That Will Show You Exactly How to Become Limitless, Live Life On Your Terms and Help Others Do the Same!


NO HOLDING BACK! Joshua Bloom will provide you with everything you require to be successful. Transform yourself and your life with ease. Learn Quantum Energy Transformation™, and help yourself, your friends and your family, or even open up your own transformation business. Join our family by coming to the edge to discover your possibilities in the Quantum Field!


Discover the Quickest, Easiest, and Most Life Changing Quantum Tools Available!


  • NO more searching for answers and frustration! Discover new possibilities, transformation, evolution and your freedom now.

  • NO more getting stuck or struggling with how to work with your clients! Know exactly what to do to help them succeed.

  • NO more working so hard to get results! Learn how to work at the higher levels of energy so you know how to resolve the BIG issues that plague your clients, with ease.

  • NO more trying to figure it out, you get the tools and the knowledge you require to become successful as a practitioner.

  • YOU will become the catalyst for yourself and others and even be at the top of this field.


Quantum Coaching! - Sharpening Your Coaching Skills: [Prerequisite Come to The Edge!]

This level of certification teaches you specific skills that help you become a better coach, communicator and Quantum Energy Transformation™ practitioner. Hone your coaching skills, while creating faster transformations for yourself and your clients.

This program is about proficiency, speed and furthering your training with higher level coaching tools to make it easier and more enjoyable to help others as a Quantum Coach while giving you the skills to be the best practitioner and coach possible. The skills you will learn at this level will help you forward your purpose, mission and dreams to reach your own success. You will become faster and more proficient as well as confident and unstoppable as a Certified Quantum Coach.


Seven steps to becoming the best possible Quantum Coach...
Learn how to:


1. Create instant Quantum Shifts simply by using your language. Discover the power of your language and what specifically works in the Quantum Field to create fast transformation.

2. Heal two different parts of you that feel differently, like a part of you feels one way and another part of you feels another. Discover how to facilitate a Quantum ‘Parts Integration’ that processes energy at the cellular level for profound Quantum Change.

3. Use the ancient Hawaiian process in Huna to create deep cellular transformation that goes deeper to create massive shifts in the Quantum Field. This tool is worth the entire program. It works like nothing you have seen before.

4. Use the Model of Life™ at a much deeper level where you become like a medical intuitive. You will know exactly where a problem resides and how to resolve it.

5. Get a deeper meaning for putting your awareness at the base of your spine and understand how to get results based on where you put your attention. Energy flows where attention goes… but there’s more to the story!

6. How to create your own quantum transformation process that creates truly amazing and instant results. You’ll start using your own processes to work with your clients and have a proprietary way to offer your services.

7. Work with the 4 polarities of Quantum to discover where you and your clients fit in the continuum. This will enable you to know exactly where to start with your clients and to know for sure, where you’re going to ultimately land with your transformation together.

Master Coaching! - Mastering and Upleveling Your Abilities, Skills and Processes as a Master Coach Practitioner in Quantum Energy Transformation™ [Prerequisite Quantum Coaching!]

Become one of the best practitioners in the field with the personal guidance of a master, Joshua Bloom. Now that you have skills, and you have taken them to another level, it's time to take these skills to yet another level of possibility and become the best in the industry, as well as the best you, you can be!


What you will discover at this level of certification is how amazing you really are. You will guide the direction of this program as you choose it to be for you. You will learn what you feel that you need to know in order to become a master in this 6-month advanced program experience, tailored specifically to you and your needs as a professional Quantum Coach and Quantum Energy Transformation™ practitioner.


​​​​​​​1. Your program begins with 6 monthly classes that will take your energy, learning and transformation to another level. These sessions will be at least 1hr and 15 minutes long.


​​Joshua will share with you every revolutionary concept and learning that he has personally discovered through the Training process, and through the evolution of Quantum Energy Transformation™. Joshua will share with you his amazing discoveries and new profound understandings of Quantum! 


​​You will gain the benefits from Joshua's newest research in the field that took him years to uncover. These classes are truly amazing! Get the learning from the best of the best past students, who have helped Joshua evolve Quantum Energy Transformation™ by asking him their most profound and intriguing questions. Find out how Joshua has answered, with the many excerpts from those private, and quite deep conversations with his advanced students. 


​​These special class experiences are only shared at this level of training. 


​​2. ​​Students who take this level of training are getting the same amazing results that ​Joshua gets when he works with his clients. You will work with a partner and together you will learn from each other, discover with each other and raise each other higher through your work together.  


Joshua will be personally providing private coaching, training, and mentoring for you and your transformation partner. There may be times where one of Joshua's amazing Master Coaches may help along the way or fill in for Joshua if needed. These meetings will be planned around you and your partner's schedule. These meetings may go as long as 1.5 hours, and will be tailored to your specific needs.

Your Master Coaching program may provide you with the opportunity to experience your classes with other Master Coaching students from other classes running at the time. This would provide you with more interaction with other students in our program at your same program level. We are always looking for ways to enrich our programs by creating innovative and meaningful ways for new interactions, evolutions and transformations.

6 Steps to Becoming a Certified

Quantum Energy Transformation™ Practitioner

Once you complete one of the Advanced program levels, you will have the option of getting certified at each specific level before going on to the next level. Once you complete a level, you have 1 year to become certified from the completion of that level.


Each level has its own time frame to determine when that particular level has been completed. For ‘Come to The Edge!’ it’s 3 months from the start date or purchase of your program. For ‘Quantum Coaching’ it’s 14 weeks after the start date or purchase of your program and for ‘Master Coaching,’ it’s 6 months after the first live call with Joshua.

1.  PROGRAM PARTICIPATION: Complete the entire course by listening to all materials, watching all videos, and fully participate.

2. 50 SESSION DOCUMENTATION: Transformation experience is important. It’s how we learn. How you get this experience is up to you, we just ask you to vary your experience. You can work with others in the program or provide sessions to family, friends, your pet, and clients, in person, or through distance healing. You are required to document


3. 50 sessions on the Certification Tracking Sheet.  The sessions can be any length of time. The purpose is for you to realize what you're learning and gain a greater understanding of what’s possible. This documentation must be handed in before your Certification Talk with Joshua.

4. Experience every exercise that is offered in the program both as a client and as a practitioner.

Participate in the 7 day Core Awakening™ Challenge Fully. This process requires your engagement for one hour per day for 7 days.  

5. FINAL REVIEW: Private Certification Talk with Joshua. This is like your final exam.

Pay the required certification fee.

Discover what our practitioners have created in the Quantum Field.

Apply now to become certified in

Quantum Energy Transformation™

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