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  • MODULE 1 - Evolution of Beingness
    Getting Into Your Body Learn to get rid of stress, and become empowered! Enter into a way of being that allows you to easily make shifts and changes. Deprogram the negativity, and begin living the life you choose to have. Your transformation and evolution begin! Class 1 - Grounding, Growth and Self Connection Class 2 - Engage and Enjoy the Transformation! Class 3 - When You Are in Growth, You are Protected! When You Are in Protection, You ARE NOTE! Class 4 - The Magic of Being Reiki™ Class 5 - When Things Don't Go Your Way... Pay Attention
  • MODULE 2 - Experiencing the Quantum Shift
    Moving Energy in Your Body Affect the world positively, with your radiance, and learn to eliminate your most debilitating problems. In lieu of years of therapy and treatment, you will supercharge your healing with the power of transformation. Class 6 - Who Do You Choose to Be NOW? Who Do You Choose to Become in the Future? What's Possible for You? Class 7 - Breathing is Good! Class 8 - You Are Already Enlightened Class 9 - Introduction to The Model of Life™ Class 10 - Discovering The Power of Quantum Energy Transformation™
  • MODULE 3 - Age Clearing™
    Releasing Trauma From Your Cells and Energy Create everlasting freedom and joy by easily releasing your trauma. Discover this wonderfully effective way of getting to the root cause of any problem. You don’t even need to know what the problem is, to heal and transform it. Class 11 - Evoking the Wave Class 12 - Let's Take Your Releasing to Another Level! Class 13 - Being and Staying in Your Body Class 14 - Joshua Answers Student Questions
  • MODULE 4 - Stepping Into Your Future Self
    Evolving into the Future YOU! Step into the future, and experience that “you” who has already evolved into the person you know you can be right now. Infuse yourself with the amazing energy of your future self, and instantly evolve Into the Future You! Class 15 - Feeling is Healing Class 16 - We are Holographic Class 17 - Your Future and Multi-Dimensional Self Class 18 - Your Mini-Me Past Life Self
  • MODULE 5 - Power of Instant Healing
    Instant and Profound Quantum Shifts Instead of the slow incremental change that most of us experience daily, you will learn the mechanisms that create instant change that allow you to create unlimited possibilities right now. Class 19 - The New Awakening with Fire Class 20 - The Core Awakening™ Class 21 - Discover What Others Have Experienced with Core Awakening™ Class 22 - Final Class
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