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(QET™) Quantum Energy Transformation™ Revealed

What is Quantum Energy Transformation™?

Quantum Energy Transformation™ (QET™) works unlike anything else in that we don’t work at the strategy level. Instead, we focus on the deeper beingness within you that is infinitely more powerful than anything else. Strategy alone is not effective, and yet almost all other healing modalities depend on it. Don't get stuck in the strategy game! It will just frustrate you, make you feel stuck and disempower you. 


Beingness is your path! 

Protocols (Strategies) only work for some people some of the time, they are very slow to get permanent results and can be quite frustrating to experience, whereas QET™ works with your energy and beingness to give you exactly what you require, making the possibility of achieving the desired result at least 75% + more effective.   


Work Smarter NOT Harder

Einstein said, "We can't solve problems by using the same level of thinking (energy) that created them." Likewise, in QET™, we use The Model of Life™ to determine at which level of energy the problems we are experiencing were created, so that we can resolve the issues by working at a higher level of energy then the level the issue was created. Engaging the energy from higher levels of thinking and especially beingness is a far more effective way to eliminate lingering or even deep and troubling issues. QET™ is like acquiring the skills of a powerful medical intuitive, getting to the root of the problem and resolving it fast.

Process Speed is the key to Transform What Plagues You

Any healing method is ONLY as good as the speed in which it is capable of processing the information for transformation. 


Most other healing modalities release or transform information (energy) one layer at a time, which is very slow and takes a long time to get permanent results. Other healing methods don’t transform energy at all, which is even worse and means you stay the same and don’t change. All of this is working at too low of a level of thinking and energy to really help you get fast permanent results. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 12.39.41

Consider a tree with branches. Think about the branches as separate but connected growing issues, traumas and problems that you have experienced in your past. Now imagine that in one round of healing, you are ONLY able to release or transform one little branch at a time. It would take forever to resolve most problems, especially those issues that are deep and destructive. This is the experience of what most transformation methods are capable of achieving. From a scientific point of view and the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D, the energy is only processing at the slow speed of 40 bits of information per second.

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 12.39.34

Now  consider that one round of healing could uproot the entire tree all at one time. This is the experience of Quantum Energy Transformation™ where the energy processes at lightning speeds like 1 million bits of information per second. (The process speeds were provided by Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D.) 


Everything that you have ever experienced is stored as packets of information (energy) in the cellular structure of your body. Some of this information is useful, while some if it is holding you back, making you feel stuck and limiting you in your life. 


Quantum Energy Transformation™ is based on the science of Quantum Physics and the Cellular Biology research of Bruce Lipton, PhD. It works at the higher levels of energy to create deep energy movement at the cellular level of the body for natural healing and transformation. 


It offers an innovative perspective and framework for healing and self evolution. It’s an opportunity to consider exciting possibilities and allow them to become your new reality. You can up-level your life by opening to new possibilities, redefine yourself and shift into a reality that serves you better and have the life you’ve always dreamed about. 


The work consists of energy processes that bring you into a transformational way of being and higher energy frequency. From this higher level of energy and beingness, movement of energy at the cellular level of the body restores optimal wellness through the engagement of Quantum Energy Transformation™. 


Quantum Energy Transformation™ teaches us how to focus our attention to amplify transformation and allow energy to move freely throughout the body to create Quantum Shifts as well as a wide range of healing benefits that delivers surprising and often extraordinary results. 

Quantum Energy Transformation™ is a form of Energy Medicine as the energy becomes the medicine for healing and transformation. It also works at the highest levels of transformation, making Quantum Energy Transformation™ one of the most powerful energy healing modalities available.

The Birth Of Quantum Energy Transformation™

Darius Barazandeh.jpg

World Renowned Scientist and Best Selling Author, Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., starred in Joshua’s groundbreaking movie and now #1 Best Selling Book, “The Ultimate Answer inside™.”

Joshua’s instant transformation modality called Quantum Energy Transformation™, originated from Joshua’s life experiences from his personal breakdown to breakthrough, and is based on the acclaimed researcher’s revolutionary study and discoveries in Quantum Biology. Lipton's science proves the Quantum Energy Transformation™ works.

What Joshua brings to the table is how Lipton’s science can be leveraged to create instant transformation in a simple, practicable and achievable way. Your audience will learn how YOU can use the power Quantum Physics to transform your life to become confident and unstoppable!

With Quantum Energy Transformation™,  Your Possibilities Are Endless:

With Quantum Energy Transformation™ we create a landscape of possibility by inviting extraordinary empaths and intuitives to go inside themselves and access the Quantum Field. This way of being is an innovative fusion of science and spirituality that involves 5 key stages of growth and transformation: Connect, Allow, Open, Engage, and Elevate. This process serves as a roadmap to a permanent transformation that up levels your current reality so you become confident and unstoppable.


CONNECT: We become an invitation for you to connect to yourself, others and spirituality - the ride begins…

  • Put your awareness at the base of your spine throughout the process.

  • Connect to the root chakra energy field to instantly open and strengthen your aura and shut off your thinking mind.

  • Your body starts to get into a state of relaxation called “Being In Your body.”

  • You become automatically and instantly connected to all fields in the universe, including the Quantum Field.


ALLOW: Simply with intention, allow more space (ether) in and around the body and each individual cell within you by inviting your auric field to open more fully.

ACCEPT: Now you are open to allow ‘what is’ to be exactly the way ‘it is’ with full authenticity. 

  • Soften the body to let go of additional tension.

  • Begin to experience the beingness and the energy of the Quantum Field.

  • Your energy frequency begins to rise and you start to feel better and better as you go deeper into your body.

ENGAGE: Ignite the movement of energy in the body to process information at the cellular level.

  • Deep Breathing with increasing flow that creates waves of Quantum Energy in the body. Breathing is good and powerful, as it allows for deep cellular and energetic processing.

  • Continually processing energy inside the body to dramatically raise your energy frequency.

ELEVATE: Resonate and entrain to the highest possibility of energy frequency you’re capable of reaching in the Quantum Field which allows for your new holographic reality to unfold, where all possibilities are available to you. 

  • Feel better and better as you uplevel your energy by raising your vibration even more and continue to process in the Quantum Field at the cellular level.

  • Build momentum as you experience perpetual growth in any given moment.

  • Continually uplevel your way of being as a driving force of transformation in your new reality creating your new EVOLUTION.

Who are you becoming in the Quantum Field?!

The best, easiest and most permanent way to transform your body, mind and spirit is to release, transform and realign your energy with Quantum Energy Transformation™. Have more confidence, energy, balance and live from your beingness quickly if not instantly.


To put it simply, our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, which serve various functions. In recent years, it was discovered that everything we’ve ever experienced is stored inside of us, deep inside our cells. This is called “cellular memory”, similar to the concept of “muscle memory”.


Literally everything you have ever experienced, both good and bad, is stored in the cellular structure of your body.  Some of this stored information is useful, and some of it is limiting your life, and preventing you from unleashing your full potential.


Thanks to this ground-breaking research, we now know that confidence is not a BELIEF, it’s an ENERGY, embedded within your cells. As you know, the human body is both incredibly complex and powerful, and by connecting to your body in a deeper way than you ever thought was possible, you can make changes at a cellular level, to transform your energy and create boundless confidence!


The best part is that you can easily learn how to do this – no matter how old (or young) you are, where you live, your education, or background.  If you’re human, you can learn to release and transform your energy at the cellular level of your body! In fact, when you use Quantum Energy Transformation™, you’re likely to experience immediate results that will surprise and delight you.

Discover What’s Possible

In The Quantum Field...

My clients and students have a running joke... They say, “it took a long time to heal that issue,” when in actuality, it only took 20 minutes. This is funny because in our sessions and classes, they have healed their allergies, as well as emotional and physical issues in much less time… like 5 to 7-minutes.

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