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A Grounded,
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Personal Growth

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You were born to be...


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Bruce H Lipton, PhD., World Renowned Scientist & Best Selling Author

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., starred in Joshua’s groundbreaking movie and now upcoming companion book, ‘The Ultimate Answer inside™’.

Joshua’s instant transformation modality called Quantum Energy Transformation™, originated from Joshua’s life experiences from his personal breakdown to breakthrough, and is based on the acclaimed researcher’s revolutionary study and discoveries in Quantum Biology. Lipton's science proves the Quantum Energy Transformation™ works.


What Joshua brings to the table is how Lipton’s science can be leveraged to create instant transformation in a simple, practicable and achievable way. Your audience will learn how YOU can use the power Quantum Physics to transform your life to become confident and unstoppable!

Darius Barazandeh, You Wealth Revolution Network


On You Wealth Revolution, Joshua Bloom spoke about how to renew your life and become limitless through the quantum field instantly, in addition to many other topics through the years of him being on the show. Joshua is one of my favorite teachers, healers and masters because this man understands energy  frontwards and backwards. We’ve had Joshua on the show and he has helped people release things that are holding them back from true vitality, from true abundance, from true heart healing and from true purpose.


In this 'DIRECT hands on’ session, you feel a deep connectedness to the Quantum Energy Field. Wow! The boundaries of my consciousness are gone. I’m fully expanded, but I also feel very balanced, centered and free... very peaceful. Joshua showed us EXACTLY how to connect and took us through several DEEP experiences. You will feel it on so many levels!”


Eram Saeed, From Heartache to Joy Global TeleSummit



“When I first interviewed Joshua Bloom back in October, I had just moved from Texas to Pakistan which was a huge transition for me after being in Texas for 20 years. There was a lot going on in my life at that time. I had recently interviewed one of our other speakers, Dr. Kimberly McGeorge who is really a specialist on frequency and energy. She can also measure people’s energy very accurately.

In October, I had her read me and she told me I was close to 450 or 480,
and that kind of excited me that I could get close to that 500 threshold that everyone seems to be talking about where manifestation becomes easy and it all just seems to fall into place. Raising your vibration is the key.


I completed Joshua’s ‘Come to The Edge!’ Program. I then asked Dr. Kim if she could read me again as I’m just curious to see where I was now. She was shocked when she read me, as I was at a frequency of 6000. She said my field was so clear compared to Einstein and asked what I had done in the last 2 to 3 months. She said I had really shifted. I told her there was only one thing I do and I do it every day and that’s Being Quantum™. I feel so different on a daily basis?”

Dr. Karen Kan, Light Warrior Radio™



“Joshua Bloom is a sensitive person, who knows firsthand how crucial it is to be fully grounded in the body to strengthen physically, energetically, and emotionally. When we are fully grounded within ourselves, it becomes a means of stabilization and a launching pad for Quantum Release,”


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