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Look At What’s Possible...
With Quantum Energy Transformation

As Quantum Shifters, we stay sharp with our intuitive and empathic abilities to help ourselves and others. We keep moving forward through life with grace and ease… accept when we don’t...


We allow the bumps in the road on our journey in life to teach us more about who we are and who we are capable of becoming. We live from the possibilities in the Quantum Field as we allow life to get better and better, knowing that it’s totally possible to live from our new found possibilities and live life on our terms!


Jean-Michel Trifin

“Even though I have followed other quantum approaches, QET has helped me to discover the place in my body where memories are stored, and how to release them. I was surprised by the effectiveness of this approach and its effects on me and my clients. I dare say that I feel I am now passed from being an amateur to a professional, because I have acquired structure in my sessions that allow my clients to feel the transformation that took place immediately.”


Elizabeth Reese-Clouser

“Joshua is the Real McCoy! Joshua lights up my world daily as I discover more of my Quantum Powers. He lives what he teaches and can help you learn to get yourself way beyond whatever the problem is and you’ll keep on evolving. What a blessing he is!”


Debbie Aquino

“Yesterday I listened to Joshua’s message with Eram Saeed and followed along with an energy exercise. I enjoyed it so much I practiced it again this morning on my own. I noticed my energy today was through the roof. My clever ideas were on a roll. My appetite was cut in half and when I watched my guilty pleasure tv show instead of my usual relaxing on the couch I found myself exercising on the floor. I am SO blessed that I found Joshua, and what a great teacher ~ over the internet I received full instructions and incredible results. THANK YOU Joshua. xoxoxo”


Anju Kamra


“I saw your movie, “The Ultimate Answer™. It was super wonderful! I loved the simplicity of it and it is still so powerful. Can’t thank you enough!”


Janet Thurgood


“I knew that this course was what I needed as I really resonated with the truth of it. I feel so good, so much more confident and so much more of myself and less of a facade than ever before in my life. It’s changed my life!”


Lynda Borschowa


“I became very ill. I felt like I was dying. I decided to try a session. To my extreme amazement, 3 days after my session, something big shifted and I knew I would live. I am now a coach, helping people, using this wonderful gift of Quantum Energy Transformation™.”


Sheila Rios


“I find life much more enjoyable since I discovered and participated in your programs. Living in a Quantum way rather than in your head all the time is wonderful. Thank you again for the wonderful coaching you provided through your programs. Living in Quantum, out of my head and into my body has really changed my life. I am happier and healthier as stress doesn’t really play a part in my life anymore. I am allergy free! This is a big thing for me, as I suffered terribly with environmental allergies. My allergies were what drove me to your program. I have also helped several people release their allergies. I really like to live my life as an example and have helped people that have asked how I have become so calm and confident. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to help. Thank you again for giving me the tools to be able to help others. You are truly a blessed and talented person and your students are very lucky to have such a devoted teacher.”


Shirley Bass
United States

“Oh, my goodness… I was thrilled when I ran out of energy, after a long day of shopping in a near by city. I thought, “Okay, Joshua, what do I do now?” …. I believe I remember seeing this type of breathing in a video by Joshua… and it worked!

I breathed in through my mouth and out through the teeth in 3 short breaths. I couldn’t believe the instant frequency rise in my being and energy spike within my body. It was wild! I was good to go for the rest of the evening.

One reason I am thrilled about this is because I am prepared to help another who is give out, because I know how well it works. Experience rules in this case.

Thanks Joshua!”


Marija Strat

“Thank you for the live event! I feel so blessed for everything! A lot of miracles happened at the live event. I can feel it myself and I can see others experiencing miracles. In Quantum it is normal that Miracles happen! As a realist in Quantum I expect miracles to happen – and they do. Both for me and others. After the live event I am so peaceful.I didn´t know anyone could be as peaceful as I am now. As a bonus my experience of time is also different – I have so much time. When I came home my husband wondered what wife it was that came home to him. He said: In a way you are new and in another way I recognize you from when we first got married. You are so warm and loving again. After the event one of my colleagues at work looked at me and said: you look wonderful! You have something I would like to have! Can I be close to you!?”


Diane Barnes


“Joshua’s teaching style is completely relaxed and easy. I feel prepared and educated to put my training to the test. The skills that I have learned, have already transformed my life and now as I take it out into the world…I hope to do the same for many more.”


Jan Firstenberg

New York

“The material Joshua teaches us is truly transformational. I found myself opening up to possibilities that I had never been open to before and as a result of that I experienced amazing things. As you go through the program you truly evolve and learn how to help your clients evolve and transform. “


Helena Basso


“I am no longer the person I was 3 months ago before beginning this journey. Until now I have never been given the tools to access this illusive state of being. In this beautiful open space, anything is possible to evolve, transform and heal, and indeed that is what I was able to accomplish.”


Margaret Ann Huston


“I have studied extensively in some of the finest healing schools. These 3 months in Come to The Edge! have done something completely unexpected for me. They have helped me to come out of my recent self-imposed ‘hiding’, and back into life with renewed interest. Thank you Joshua!”


Margarita Foley


“Joshua, I must say again how delighted I am with Quantum Shift. I feel I am really getting into it now. It has helped me so much with my anxiety around my brother’s health. I am no longer worrying and able to send him healing and it is great to feel I can support him as I feel I can do. I am beginning to be more creative too.”


Claudia Clavo

Costa Rica

“I only started yesterday, but I’m thrilled because while hearing the very first audio!! my feet – who have always tended to feel way too hot and dry at night- suddenly felt like they were receiving a cool massage in a sort of circling motion that was at the same time invigorating and very relaxing, before “sprouting roots”, then all of my body felt somewhere between a tree -and circulating water (?)! Anyway, never slept better! Then this morning I left late because I listened to the second audio -and even though I left half an hour late -in a city known for awful traffic- I got to work smack on time, haha. WOW!!”

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