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The Ultimate 5D Quantum Abundance Tool Set

Unlock Your Path to Prosperity, Abundance
& Joy to Manifest Your Best Life with Ease!

Supercharge Your Manifestation Like Never Before.

Using The Power of the Quantum Field… 

with your Purpose & the Universe to unleash Abundance

and Actualize your best life

into the Abundant YOU

in the Quantum Field to have finantial freedom

to your highest Abundance frequency

confident and unstoppable!








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The Power of Energetically Infused Crystalline Energy

Are you tired of feeling out of alignment with the universe? Seeking prosperity and abundance but struggling to manifest your best life?

Look no further! The Abundance Pendant Set is here to help you to transform your reality and empower you to embrace a life of incredible abundance.

Harnessing the power of Quantum Energy Transformation™, these pendants have been carefully crafted to elevate your money attraction, Release Money Blocks, Align your frequency with the universe, and supercharge your energy to attract limitless abundance.

Imagine wearing these exquisite pendants and instantly feeling a profound shift in your energy. Your heart chakra expands, radiating positivity and attracting the boundless prosperity that the universe has in store for you.

How does it work, you may ask? The Abundance Pendant Set utilizes advanced crystalline energies, amplified to astonishing levels of upwards of 100,000 energy frequency. This awe-inspiring technology acts as a catalyst for transformation, propelling you towards your goals with unwavering focus and clarity.


Say goodbye to the limitations that have held you back and step into a life of abundance and fulfillment. With the Abundance Pendant Set, you hold the key to unlocking YOUR true potential within YOU.

Don't settle for mediocrity when you deserve greatness.

It's time to elevate your energy, empower your purpose, and thrive in a world where anything is possible.

Embrace the power of the QET™ Abundance Pendant Set and manifest the life you've always dreamed of.

Are you ready to embark on this incredible journey?

Get your hands on the Abundance Pendant Set today and prepare to witness the miraculous transformation that awaits you.

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Joshua Bloom Portrait
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How I Instantly Transformed My Life With This

One Powerful Super-Simple Quantum Tool! 



I grew up with entities in my home from Birth. Through my entire life, I've always felt like I was living on an episode of the hit Television Show "Charmed". Wherever I went, the entities would follow. 

So, I learned the most powerful and fastest way to clear entities. I felt like a super empathic warrior!


However, regardless of how much I increased my energy frequency, blocked the entities energetically and released them, the tricky entities would find a way to trip me up, grab my attention and cause chaos in my life, making me feel out of sorts, fearful and frustrated for years!  

Then I discovered my very special and personal spiritual guides. I call them, The Travelers. I have learned so much from them that I started to connect with the Travelers to help all empaths, intuitives and energy workers to finally take their power back to become confident and unstoppable! 


One day The Travelers taught me how to create a spectacular energy tool and how to amp up its energy upwards of 55,000 energy frequency, using extremely powerful crystalline energies.

I call it, The Quantum Energy Transformation™ Abundance Pendant.

Once I put the pendant on, I felt a huge and powerful shift, a lightness in my heart chakra as well as all over my body.


The pendant works well beyond what I even thought possible! It keeps entities and attachments 
away from me, supercharges and grounds my energy, lifts my energy frequency, raises my trust level by 75%, making me feel much stronger and more courageous.


It has resolved so many of my fears, and continues 24/7 to release and transform energies that no longer serve me. It continues to change my life daily!

You're about to discover all of what is possible for YOU with The QET™ Abundance Pendant...

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The First 5 customers receive a FREE Compact Power Mica Pendant
(Value $200)



FREE Mica for All Pendants:
(Value $120)


Unlock your limitless potential of your being with the transformative power of Golden Mica. Say goodbye to stress and negative energy, and welcome renewed vitality and mental clarity. 


Golden Mica’s Energy banishes self-doubt while helping you Transform yourself from within, as Mica's potent restorative capabilities reduce hostile and nervous energy and bring balance to your life. 


Let Mica’s powerful energy bring relief from migraines and headaches. Emotionally, Mica is a powerful tool for healing past traumas, promoting inner peace, emotional stability, and reducing anxiety for a more restful sleep. 


Connect with your higher self, tap into your intuition, and navigate the path to spiritual development with Mica's undeniably powerful energy. Transform your life in countless ways with the magical, transformative healing power of Golden Mica.


Live QET™ Abundance Pendant Training:
(Value $200)

Money Attraction 5D Training
Unlock the secrets to manifesting abundance in your life. This interactive and advanced QET™ class is designed to help you harness the power of your QET™ Abundance Pendants. I’ll take you through powerful 5D processes to open up to powerful abundance easily. This training will provide you with supercharged tools and insights to attract and maintain abundance effortlessly. Don't miss this transformative opportunity to align with prosperity and live a life of unlimited possibilities.


Awaken to 5D 4 Transformational Guided Connections:
(Value $200)

Unleash the power within and transform your life fast and easy! Gain access to four transformative Guided Connections™ that remove negativity and take you into 5D energy fast and powerfully.

Designed specifically for empaths, intuitives, and lightworkers, clear your day, start your day with positivity, bust through negative emotions, and empty the trash from your mind. These guided audio experiences will help you release negativity, raise your energy frequency, and keep you on track in your journey

Elevate Your Energy to Unlock the True YOU!!


1. Clear Your Day Fast & Easy

[NIGHTTIME] Release the Day: Drift into Blissful Sleep with Nighttime Surrender.


2. Start Your Day with Openness & Light

[MORNING] Rise and Shine: Ignite Your Day with Boundless Energy & Radiance.


3. Instant Emotion Buster - Step Into 5D

[QUANTUM SHIFT] Transcend Limitations: Step Into 5D Bliss with Instant Release.


4. Empty the Trash - Let Go of the Past

[ELIMINATING PAST TRAUMA] Elevate Beyond: Rise into Empowered Presence towards confidence and success. Opt in now and elevate your energy to unlock your true potential.

Copy of UPDATED BY JOSHUA QET™ Pendant Brochure Letter to be sent once shipped (1).png


It's like Actualizing Abundance Efforlessly!

Powerfull Quantum Pendants Quickly Align You
With Effortless Manifestation Fast and Easy!

Upgrade Your Energy...

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Game Changer! Harness quantum energy to attract prosperity faster. Shift into flow and ease with turbocharged manifestation. 



Manifest your dreams with a supercharged Energy Frequency. Achieve 60,000 Hz+ Energy Frequency at will instantly. Tap into powerful 5D Energy more fully WITHOUT exhausting and crippling ascention signs.



Bridge the gap between your desires and the Universe's powerful guidance. Once in alignment with the universe, your personal guidance system and what you choose to Abundance Pendants put you into that alignment


Discover the power of manifestation by living from your true purpose. Magnify your success by aligning with who you are and higher self's authentic mission.



Wipe out your financial obstacles! Use Quantum Energy to burst through your monetary barriers and have money now. Money flows into your life easily.


Hold a dynamic signal to the universe that creates personal abundance. Have what you desire drawn to you easily and effortlessly by being in alignment with what you choose to have.


Become in charge of your energy and therefore your prosperity, abundance and ability to manifest. Live life on your own terms by effortlessly attracting abundance.

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ENRICO'S COPY of  QET™ Pendant E-BOOK 1-

The QET™ Pendant fuses together the two most powerful perspectives of energy known today: Quantum Physics, the study of possibility and Spirituality, our connection to Source.

Although both of these perspectives are measured quite differently; Quantum Physics, which is based in Science
, and Spirituality, which comes from our connection to Source, are both in alignment and agreement with each other.

Each one of us holds the potential that allows anything to be possible!     

Now that we know that we have this unlimited potential, and with the QET™ Pendant, we can amplify and ignite that potential within. 

Lipton with black border.png

According to Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, One of the main reasons that we feel the energies so powerfully when high level beings like monks chant, is because energy is being held and amplified by the crystals around them. "Crystals bind energy and if you can extract their energy, they become akin to a battery.”

The crystals of the QET™ Pendant store, emit and amplify energy like a battery, emitting powerful, spiritual energy that fuels and empowers you to be at your very best.

Bruce Lipton explains that “we've always been programmed to ignore the invisible realm as not being relevant to our world. 

BUT now we know, the understanding of Quantum Physics and the role of the invisible realm, IS more powerful in shaping the physical realm than is the physical realm itself.”

The energy fields in which we live are actually shaping us as well as the world that we experience.

The crystals that form The QET™ Pendant are holding and amplifying the energetically infused crystalline energy that I have personally entrained to extremely high energy frequencies, just like how Lipton stated crystals work. Also, as you will soon discover more deeply, the "Morphic Field" created around you by the QET™ Pendant IS the invisible energy that Lipton refers to, that shapes us and the physical world around us.

Albert Einstein said, "The field is the sole governing agency of a particle." Lipton explains that this means that "a particle is matter, but it's the field that gives shape to that matter. Who's field are you in, as it's the field that changes everything!”

Lipton continues, “There are scientific studies that have shown how meditation in groups have changed characteristics of cities in regard to violence or love or what was going on in the city. While meditators were in the practice of their meditation in bringing peace to the city, it actually changed the people in the city according to the statistics. Did it work? Absolutely! Unfortunately, when the meditators went home, the whole thing stopped. If we live with spiritual activism in our heart and use it every day, then this is not just an 'on and off' event. This is a continuous process of shaping the environment and the community in which we live."

Meditators put high frequency energy and positivity into the "Morphic Field", and it was the field that changed everything within the city.


With The QET™ Pendant, you can personally and easily shape your world and the world in which you live. By using the amplified energetically infused crystalline energies that you and your QET™ Pendant continuously create together, you have a tremendous impact on yourself and the world around you.

Unlike when the meditators stopped meditating and the benefits stopped, your QET™ Pendant will vibrate rapidly with your energy and energetically collaborate with you 24/7 to always up-level your field, positively influencing you and everything around you.

Yes! You are that powerful!

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Copy of UPDATED BY JOSHUA QET™ Pendant Brochure Letter to be sent once shipped (1).png
Abundance Pendants Final For sales Pg 10-5-23.png

This QET™ Pendant was designed using the science of Quantum Physics, energy transformation and crystalline energy to help you raise & release submerged emotions at the cellular level of the body.

It shows you the way to freedom, through the positive enhancing effects it has on your energy, body, mind and ever growing spirit.


It helps you release, allowing you to make transformative changes, as you step away from old patterns. It is excellent for releasing deeply held beliefs and emotions that are no longer serving you.


Imagine having the ability to release past issues, emotions and painful events quickly and easily; the Quantum way! Finally let go of the lower energy frequencies that have held you back for so long. Process old stagnant energies that no longer support you.


As a Quantum Releaser, energy protector and supercharged manifester, this QET™ Pendant has the power to balance, stabilize and keep you in alignment with the universe, your goals & dreams.

As our pendants are handcrafted, each piece is unique and may vary subtly in design, shape, or color. This is a testament to the artisan's skill and our commitment to uniqueness, so the item you receive may not be identical to the image shown but will be equally beautiful.

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Copy of UPDATED BY JOSHUA QET™ Pendant Brochure Letter to be sent once shipped (1).png

QET™ PENDANT: Personal Experiences

Julie Lowery

Julia Pic2 copy.jpg

“I have been wearing my QET pendant for about a month now and I am in awe of how it has helped me with my quantum journey!


Within the first 24 hours of wearing it, I felt noticeably lighter, more balanced, stronger and more grounded. My ability to create quantum shifts has also improved greatly. Being Quantum, a way of connecting to the Quantum Field, comes so much easier for me.

I feel much more powerful from within.


When I'm triggered, it helps me to process the energy in the moment and I don’t get stuck in my head for days, or weeks, like I used to.

The pendant has been an amazing quantum tool for my personal evolution and journey. I feel so much stronger in my beingness and it happened in such a short amount of time!


Thank you Joshua for creating the QET pendant. It has been a lifesaver. If you're considering getting the pendant, just say YES! You'll be happy you did! ”

Copy of UPDATED BY JOSHUA QET™ Pendant Brochure Letter to be sent once shipped (1).png

Savannah Kyle

Hey there! I just have to share with you all about my absolute favorite piece of jewelry, the QET Pendant. My dad first got one because he loved the energy of it, but as soon as I saw it, I just had to try it on too!Let me tell you, this pendant is the coolest and cutest thing I've ever worn. I feel like such a fashion icon wearing it around. But what's even better is that the energy it gives off is just amazing. I feel happier, more energized, and just all around better when I wear it.It didn't take long for me to become obsessed with it. I literally couldn't go a day without wearing it, so my dad got me my own. I wear my pendant every day.I'm 13 years old and I love this pendant so much! I truly do. It has made such a positive impact on my life and I can't thank Joshua who created the QET Pendant enough for making something so special.If you're looking for an awesome piece of jewelry that will not only make you look good but feel good too, I highly recommend the QET Pendant. It's seriously the best!

Silvana Leggiero

Silvana Leggiero (1).jpg

I really highly recommend this pendant! Participating in a group forgiveness process while wearing Joshua’s pendant really skyrocketed the results of the process!


I was quickly able to forgive people who I only briefly thought about during the process! There’s no emotion now when I think about them or the situation!


It was a bit later for me to realize that I had also forgiven someone who I believe hurt my mother through her negligent care, but I’ve apparently forgiven her too! Initially, I was still angry at this woman, but when I thought about her later, there was no anger: I only felt acceptance! The pendant apparently continues to work on the issue without my involvement!


It’s mind-blowing! It usually takes multiple forgiveness processes to achieve these results, and I wasn’t even working directly with any of these people! The one person with whom I chose to work with directly finally messaged me back shortly afterwards, which was huge!


Honestly, this pendant is amazing! I only received it yesterday evening, took it off to sleep since I didn’t want to risk damaging it, and had just put it back on before participating in the forgiveness process. I haven’t even had a chance to read the ebook on its use.


I absolutely can’t wait to learn more, experience more transformations, and add my second pendant to really WOW the results! I am so very grateful for this amazing pendant! Thank you so, so much, Joshua!

Janet Thurgood

Janet Thurgood2 - 2023.jpg

I’m loving my pendant. I do private one-on-one spiritual mentoring and Quantum Healing. I had two extremely difficult and heavy calls yesterday back to back. The pendant helped me stay in my body, stay centered, and not absorb the intense energy that was swirling around for two hours. I'm also noticing that it protects me from radiation that comes off my devices, specifically my phone. I've been sleeping deeply without interruption, and I can process the energies in my field much faster. This tool has been wonderful for me, and I'll encourage each of my clients to wear their pendants when we work together in future sessions.


Thank you, Joshua Bloom.

Copy of UPDATED BY JOSHUA QET™ Pendant Brochure Letter to be sent once shipped (1).png
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Lori K.

“I enjoy using the pendant! I release faster and feel the movement of energy to rise higher within me. An awesome quantum experience!”

“The pendant can help you to raise your energy frequency faster and easier. You can also use the pendant to help others raise their energy.”

Sara M.

Jean S.

“I use the QET™ pendant to make it easier to release in the Quantum Field.”

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Big Title


Say Yes!
To Success!

Get the most powerful energy tool NOW and I’ll say YES to you! Click below to receive your very own QET™ Pendant and supercharge your energy to become confident and unstoppable!


Experience Quantum!

Feel the energy transform you and uplevel your beingness, vibration and confidence. Experience the best in Energy Protection and have access to the Quantum Field! Life will NEVER be the same! 


Reach 1000+ Frequency

Feel the amazing confidence and supercharged energy that comes from wearing your QET™ Pendant. Live life on your terms! Start living your happiest, most balanced and powerful life NOW!

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100% Quantum Guaranteed

I am 100% committed to giving you the tools, processes, and training you need to feel limitless, confident, and unstoppable. I’ve put my heart and soul into creating the QET™ Pendant so it's easy and works extremely effectively. I Guarantee that you will get results!

If you don't feel that the QET™ Pendant is the best Quantum Energy Tool ever and if you’re not experiencing relief, energy protection and results as you expected, I will personally make sure that you get the extra support you require to help you fully get there. That's how committed I am to your personal success, and that’s why I guarantee that the QET™ Pendant will 100% work for you.

If you wear the QET™ Pendant as suggested in the companion e-book and give it your best shot, read all accompanying materials from start to finish, attend all live Quantum Shift Mastery classes and have asked for support and still are not satisfied with your results, just fill out my simple questionnaire and I will personally go above and beyond to help you ultimately reach success. 

I’ll personally make sure you get results 100%! That’s how confident I am that the QET™ Pendant will work for you! If within 30 days from your purchase, you’ve asked for help and the pendant isn’t working as you expected in order to reach success, I will provide you not only with extra support, but also give you FREE training and or additional programs to support your true success. That’s Your 100% Satisfaction and Effectiveness Quantum Energy Center 30-Day Success Guarantee. I'm here to help you 100% until you get there!



Copyright © 2022 Joshua Bloom

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