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Come To The Edge

Tap Into Your Innate Healing Power & Become Confident and Unstoppable

  • Imagine going from living by everyone else's standard, wants and desires to living life on your terms

  • Imagine being able to go from feeling totally stuck, not knowing what to do and wondering why nothing is working for you, to being unstoppable and start living the life with confidence, joy and peace of mind.

  • Imagine having the ability to go from inner chaos to hearing your higher-self shout out, "YES!" to the universe.

Quantum Energy Transformation™  Certification Program





Discover the mind-blowing and transformative processes that have helped thousands of women live with unshakable confidence.

By Coming To The Edge, you will ...

  • Create improved health and wellbeing for yourself and others 

  • Experience the peace of your new ‘beingness’ 

  • Welcome a more balanced and aligned life

  • Raise your energy and vibrational frequencies 

  • Explore and connect with your most inner self 

  • Release negative emotions  

  • Relaxation increases as you open yourself to life force energy

  • Bloom with happiness and wellbeing’ 

  • Harness your vision and find focus 

  • Elevate calm and radiate peace 

  • Give yourself freedom and energy 

  • Welcome spiritual influences

  • Revive your energy by releasing stress

  • Achieve a greater sense of understanding and awareness 

  • Protect yourself from negative energy and feeling stuck

  • Share your love filled spirit with others

  • Rejuvenate and connect with your intuition

  • Propel yourself forward and feel your enlightenment

NO HOLDING BACK! I will provide you with everything you require to be successful.
Transform yourself and your life with ease. Learn Quantum Energy Transformation™,
and help yourself, your friends and your family, or even open up your own practice.
Join me by coming to the edge and discover your possibilities!
  • If you've chosen this program to take charge of your life, to heal an issue or problem, to become a practitioner or for any other reason, it works! It delivers the most amazing results

  • no more Searching for Answers, just transformation and FREEDOM NOW 

  • no more trying to figure it out

  • become the catalyst for yourself and others 

  • achieve unlimited potential and endless possibilities



You will benefit from taking control of your life, increase your level of happiness by increasing your intuition so that you can do what you love and step into your confident you. 

  • You'll discover how to access your beingness to create enhanced intuition

  • You'll learn how to shift your energy to have better concentration and focus

  • You'll strengthen your self-connection to have more balanced relationships  

  • You'll have the ability to stop bad habits such as smoking and eating junk food so that you can become healthier

  • You'll discover the tools to attract more abundance with the ability to manifest 

  • Become unstoppable and limitless so that you can have the life you've always wanted

  • Discover how to focus your energy and attention so that you have Improved concentration 

  • Learn how to breathe differently to create improved health

  • Get centered so that you feel more calm and confident dealing with your children

  • Shift eating habits that are no longer working for you and experience easy weight loss

  • Get your creative juices moving so that you get to take your life by storm and succeed

  • Shift your energy and release drama to feel stronger and more empowered

  • Discover the tools to sleep more fully and feel fully rested 

  • Discover how to breathe in a way that produces greater vitality and uplifted energy

  • Have a more full connection with yourself so that you can achieve your goals and live in joy


Got questions? Give us a call!

1 (201) 360-2059 

All Items in this package are in digital format for immediate download. Not available on CDs. Due to the Nature of this Offering and these Electronic Products, there will be no refunds. All Sales are final. 



“I knew that this course was what I needed as I really resonated with the truth of it. I feel so good, so much more confident and so much more of myself and less of a facade than ever before in my life. It’s changed
my life!”

Janet Thurgood, Idaho


"Joshua has taught from his heart! He has inspired me to transform and evolve into the NEW ME, who is calm, aware, confident, focused and following the direction in life I have put off for so long; with vision, clarity and joy. Thank you so much, Joshua, for guiding me to this wonderful place, within me. I am no longer troubled about my relationships with others. If I am triggered by anything or anyone, I go into BEING QUANTUM™ and the problem is released. For the first time in my life the mind chatter that used to drive me crazy is minimal!”

Denise Davies, Cyprus


“What a relief it is to know that I don't need to do anything other than be quantum, to rid myself of fear, worry, and uncertainty.  How freeing is that! Wow, coming to the edge just says it all. I know the answers are within me, and I'm so thankful that I made the choice to take this program.  

It’s life changing and that's what I wanted and asked for.  I love the process of choosing and allowing myself to live and be who “I AM” from within and to continually evolve.”   

Kara Corbeil, Canada


Dear Quantum Shifter,  

I just want to share with you this complete program which teaches advanced Quantum Energy Transformation™ based on the combination of quantum physics and energy work. I am so looking forward to sharing this methodology as well as so many powerful, quick and easy transformation processes that will have you excited about life more than ever before. In this program I’ll introduce you to the next evolution in Quantum Science by teaching you how to access deep transformation with my Model of Life™ power tool, pictured below, as your guide to having an amazing life.

Students tell me that this program goes well beyond any program they have ever taken and I strive for this each and every time I teach this program. It’s a program packed full of information, healing and powerful opportunities where you will experience transformation that provides a deeper understanding for how change happens, how energy healing works and the amazing healing power that we all have access to within ourselves.   

I’ll be your personal guide and take you to that next level, something that goes well beyond the basics. I’ll provide you with the opportunity to transform your life or even help you become a practitioner and expert Quantum Shifter!         

If you have taken any other programs with me, I know you’ll be excited to learn that this deeper program is available right now. If you’ve never taken a program with me, you’re in for a profound adventure that I am so thrilled to share with you.
We’ll experience together a journey of a lifetime, as you discover more about yourself. I’ll share with you how to become the best practitioner in Energy Transformation that you can possibly be.    

I have healed myself of huge fears, migraine headaches, attention deficit disorder and allergies, pain, anxiety and so many other issues as well.  I’ve also helped thousands of women shift their emotional and physical issues quickly and easily. You have the opportunity to be the next one to transform your life into an amazing adventure and way of being.

Wouldn’t you like to get the same fantastic results with yourself and your clients, just like I do? You can … and I will show you precisely how!      

This program provides you with 90 days of amazing Quantum Shifts! During this time, you will receive much help and support in many different ways. You will have direct access to me and my team, who will help you through your program, right as you experience it. You will be able to ask me your most profound questions live on 8 master class calls, connect with me in my “Come to The Edge!” Facebook community.      


You deserve to give yourself this gift to shift from your current life to a new possible reality and it will be my pleasure to be the one to show you the way! So please join me as we begin to shift, transform and become more of who we are capable of becoming together. 





Your 5 Program Modules

Quick Start Module

Get started right away and get results now! 

This bonus module was created just for you, so you can start experiencing the power of Quantum Energy Transformation™ in an easy way that provides deep and profound results. This module gives you the opportunity to start getting results now without having to have gone through the entire program. In just 7 days, you'll fully understand your true potential for Transformation.

  • Welcome - Quick Start Guide Introduction 

  • The Self Healing Process Audio and Handout  

  • The Falling Leaf 

  • Mini Me 

  • Releasing the Charge! Free Yourself From Negativity 

  • The Golden Ball Guided Connection™

  • MODULE 1 - Evolution of Beingness
    Getting Into Your Body Learn to get rid of stress, and become empowered! Enter into a way of being that allows you to easily make shifts and changes. Deprogram the negativity, and begin living the life you choose to have. Your transformation and evolution begin! Class 1 - Grounding, Growth and Self Connection Class 2 - Engage and Enjoy the Transformation! Class 3 - When You Are in Growth, You are Protected! When You Are in Protection, You ARE NOTE! Class 4 - The Magic of Being Reiki™ Class 5 - When Things Don't Go Your Way... Pay Attention
  • MODULE 2 - Experiencing the Quantum Shift
    Moving Energy in Your Body Affect the world positively, with your radiance, and learn to eliminate your most debilitating problems. In lieu of years of therapy and treatment, you will supercharge your healing with the power of transformation. Class 6 - Who Do You Choose to Be NOW? Who Do You Choose to Become in the Future? What's Possible for You? Class 7 - Breathing is Good! Class 8 - You Are Already Enlightened Class 9 - Introduction to The Model of Life™ Class 10 - Discovering The Power of Quantum Energy Transformation™
  • MODULE 3 - Age Clearing™
    Releasing Trauma From Your Cells and Energy Create everlasting freedom and joy by easily releasing your trauma. Discover this wonderfully effective way of getting to the root cause of any problem. You don’t even need to know what the problem is, to heal and transform it. Class 11 - Evoking the Wave Class 12 - Let's Take Your Releasing to Another Level! Class 13 - Being and Staying in Your Body Class 14 - Joshua Answers Student Questions
  • MODULE 4 - Stepping Into Your Future Self
    Evolving into the Future YOU! Step into the future, and experience that “you” who has already evolved into the person you know you can be right now. Infuse yourself with the amazing energy of your future self, and instantly evolve Into the Future You! Class 15 - Feeling is Healing Class 16 - We are Holographic Class 17 - Your Future and Multi-Dimensional Self Class 18 - Your Mini-Me Past Life Self
  • MODULE 5 - Power of Instant Healing
    Instant and Profound Quantum Shifts Instead of the slow incremental change that most of us experience daily, you will learn the mechanisms that create instant change that allow you to create unlimited possibilities right now. Class 19 - The New Awakening with Fire Class 20 - The Core Awakening™ Class 21 - Discover What Others Have Experienced with Core Awakening™ Class 22 - Final Class

There are 5 Modules, Quick Start and Amazing Bonuses that make up your entire program. You'll receive everything in your very own Member Area, packed full with information along with transformation experiences. Here, we will provide you with everything you require to transform any problem and take your life to the next level with ease. Find your classes, which we release to you twice a week for the next 90 days in your member area and are downloadable indefinitely, and yours to keep.


You will receive Class Handouts, as well as Bonus Audios and Video training to teach you concepts and processes, helping you create instant change. You will even receive the transcripts for your weekly classes.


You will be invited to a private and exclusive Facebook group. You will have direct access to me and other students who are currently taking this program, as well as graduates who have already taken the program. You will have as much help and support as you choose. This will be a full support system for you to receive help, as you move through your program experience.


Your Program has 5 Modules that teach you specific skills and offer transformation experiences that you will always remember, and have for life, in your tool box. Each class is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes long. Since your online classes are always available from the moment they are released, you can listen at any time. What an amazing way to experience this program. It’s so convenient and easy. If that’s not enough, there’s more! With all these powerful tools and assistance, you will gain knowledge and experiences that will take your life into the next dimension of possibility.


1 (201) 360-2059

All Items in this package are in digital format for immediate download. Not available on CDs. Due to the Nature of this Offering and these Electronic Products, there will be no refunds. All Sales are final. 


Allergy Elimination

In just about 5 minutes you can release an allergy that may have been hindering your quality of life for ages. Allergies can be released for good when you look at them from a new Quantum perspective.


Live Coaching Bonus

I will get on a live call with you and help you through your program. Experience live personal coaching, additional training, and get all of your questions answered live, right on the call.



“My level of happiness is increasing. I have this inner knowing that I wouldn't recognize the person I am today 90 days from now. I want to be a Quantum Energy Transformation practitioner because I want to help transform people and businesses. Being quantum is going to be my edge. Oh, a lot of possibilities are not just going towards me, but possibilities are now chasing me!”my life!”

Liz Mariano


"I am no longer the person I was 3 months ago before beginning this journey. Until now I have never been given the tools to access this illusive state of being. In this beautiful open space, anything is possible to evolve, transform and heal, and indeed that is what I was able to accomplish.” 

Helena Basso, Canada  


“Quantum with Joshua is intense, fun, going into the unknown, sometimes butterflies in my stomach or sheer euphoria in the moment. The incredible abilities I am receiving are amazing. I’m starting to come into “my knowing,” and “my intuition.” My ideas flowing and I have more inner peace. The fog is lifting! I love it!” 

Nicole Morris



"I was bed ridden with a neck and shoulder injury, the pain was unbearable even with painkillers. “Since taking the Come to The Edge! course, there has been so many incredible transformations. From health issues healing and the craziest of manifestations coming to fruition.”

Ulanda Kay-Coleman, Canada


"My personal transformation … “Eradicating physical pain as well as limiting beliefs, all cleared on a cellular level. I applaud Joshua Bloom on his development of this modality and his great teaching ability!” .

Niki Flessas, Wisconsin


"I found Joshua Bloom and his work remarkable! “I am noticing such profound changes after experiencing “Being Quantum™” and the different exercises that Joshua is presenting. I feel like I am a different person altogether. My Identity has changed!”

Kari Arneberg, Norway

This program allows you to go at your own pace, and it even comes with personal help from me. My team and I are here to help you reach success. This is a meaningful and life-changing opportunity. In this spectacular “Come To The Edge!” program, I offer a mixture of powerful content; audios, videos, handouts, and transcripts that are only available through my powerful work. 

You can ask me your most important and profound questions in your private and exclusive Facebook Group, to help you create the life you deserve 24/7. You will have direct access to me and the power of Quantum Energy Transformation™, to support you through this program from the inception through the completion of your program. Live the success you know you can have!

Learn the most powerful tools in Quantum Healing and Transformation that took me 17 years to master. My program will get you where you want to be faster and easier than any other program available on the market today.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. You don’t want to regret it later. This class is happening, and if you want results, it’s the right time and place to get them. You came to this page for a reason, didn’t you?  

“It’s so meaningful for me to help you in this amazing way. Allow me to be your guide in this new Quantum World. How exciting! It will be like magic for us to take this journey together. So register today!” — Joshua Bloom.



“I have studied extensively in some of the finest healing schools. These 3 months in Come to The Edge! have done something completely unexpected for me. They have helped me to come out of my recent self-imposed ‘hiding’, and back into life with renewed interest. Thank you Joshua!”

Margaret Ann Huston, Oregon 


"It’s amazing Being Quantum™. I had pain in my teeth and had been to a wonderful Holistic dentist who took time to explain all the issues going on in my mouth, and how much work needed to be done to correct them. It was going to cost thousands. Five or Six weeks later, I had realized that I had felt no pain in my mouth for at least a month. Wow! I truly feel my teeth issues have been cleared with Quantum. Joshua is such a generous and patient teacher and coach. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to have learned from him. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!.”

Miranda Camp, Hawaii


“This Program has truly changed my life! Being Quantum has become one of the real joys of my life. I am a happier & healthier person as stress doesn’t really play a part in my life anymore.  

I am allergy free! This is a big thing for me, as I suffered terribly with environmental allergies. My allergies were what drove me to your program. I have also helped several people release their allergies. I really like to live my life as an example and have helped people that have asked how I have become so calm and confident. "

Sheila Rios, California


Get started right away with the Quick Start Module.  

Classes: Your classes become available twice a week except during break weeks.  

Classes range from 30 minutes to about an hour and 15 minutes long, and have been created in such a way to give the most content in the least amount of time. The classes are efficient to listen to and profound in result.  

Each Module is about 5 classes long. I’ll provide you with many bonuses and extras including Videos, Audios, Handouts, and Transcripts. I know this program will exceed your expectations. I will over give, and through your transformation, I am so sure that you’re going to love it!


Good! ‘Cause I’m in the mood to help you transform your energy to help you have the freedom and excitement about your life that you’ve always wanted!


I know you’re busy! It’s my mission to help you transform your life in the quickest and easiest way possible. There’s NO need to turn your life upside down. With Quantum Energy Transformation™, you’ll find you’ll have more energy, more excitement and joy for life and feel like you have extra time in your day to enjoy life.


With “Come to The Edge!” you’ll feel better and better as you evolve more and more into the best possible you. It’s like a healing retreat for your soul.


This program is easy the whole way through the entire program with advanced tools that promise to create profound results that go well beyond what you might even imagine.


You deserve to achieve your goals, have success and live your life in the most fantastic way possible! I want you to have an amazing experience while becoming stronger, happier and more excited about life in this practitioner level program. I’m rooting for you to win, and if I have something to do with it, YOU WILL!


Your total investment is $1997 for the entire 20+ class program and extraordinary bonuses where you’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded people filled with transformation and awakening. It’s like a retreat for your soul. Not only will you be learning and transforming yourself, you’ll be connecting with other like minded energy workers, perhaps even making friends for life by connecting with other Quantum Shifters in an exclusive Facebook Group. As a practitioner, you’ll be able to make money and recoup your investment with your first client.

If you LOVE your life how it is today, continue doing what you’re doing, and utilize this program to teach you the tools and language for how to help others live their greatest life. If you don’t love your life as much as you would like, this program will teach you how to live your best life and provide you with the tools to succeed.  

Do you realize how much pain, stress, chaos and even money you’re costing yourself by not knowing Quantum Energy Transformation? I know for a fact that it’s costing you so much more by not investing in yourself. When I work with you in the “Come to The Edge!” program, I help you course correct and help you move forward so much more easily simply by engaging in my program, as well as my magnificent Quantum Energy tools and processes.  

Without my program you’ll more than likely be more unfocused, disconnected to yourself, and be unable to access your intuition effectively. This puts you on the wrong path and makes it more difficult to make important decisions. Most Likely you won’t have the confidence you require to have the successful life you should be experiencing. I want you to have everything you need to live life on your terms and be successful!  

Imagine what you’ll be able to accomplish with this program and my help; more confidence, more happiness, more joy, more focus, more money. And not only that, you’ll be more stable and strong and finally be in charge of your life. What is this worth to you? 

Mary Smith took the program and helped her child eliminate debilitating food allergies. She is no longer scared for her child to eat at the school cafeteria, and her child can now eat what she wants without consequence. She also built a successful healing practice. She was able to leave the job that she hated, and today, she does work that she loves to do each and every day.


Vera Hawkins lived with horrible fears that limited her life, and with one simple quantum shift, her fears were gone. She could not believe it! She felt it was like magic and a blessing at the same time. The program allowed her to live with a freedom she never thought she would ever experience in her life.

Susan Colwell had anxiety attacks that were so bad, she would literally freak out when they happened and she would feel as if she was going to literally die. They would show up unexpectedly, especially at work to the point where at times she could not function. Part of her work was supposed to include public speaking to large audiences which would generate a much larger income for her, but she couldn’t do it. She would feel too sick when she tried to speak to a large audience, and because of this, she was losing so much money in her business. Since her first Quantum Shift, she never had an anxiety attack again. After her second Quantum Shift, she was able to speak publicly with ease and made millions of dollars in her business since she became free.


Margaret Fisher’s life crumbled immediately after her husband died unexpectedly. She lost her best friend in life, and was so distraught that she couldn’t work for months on end. She became so depressed that she wasn’t even functioning in her life. She ended up losing her dream job and life was so painful for her to live on a daily basis. Within 24 hours of her Quantum Shift, she rose up above her depression and began taking back her life. She even got her dream job back and is living on top of the world again. Her connection to herself was reconnected and life for her couldn’t be better.  


You DON’T want to regret it later. This program is happening, and only comes around once a year. So don’t miss out! If you want results, this is the time and the right method to bring your dreams into reality. You’ll start getting results right away because this program is so easy to produce extraordinary results. You came to this page for a reason, didn’t you?  Everything happens for a reason. I suspect it’s so you can go to the next level of who you get to become in this lifetime. 

 “It’s so meaningful for me to help you in this amazing way.  Allow me to be your guide in this new Quantum World. How exciting! It will be like magic for us to take this journey together. So join me today!” — Joshua Bloom.
If you are ready to take your body, mind and spirit to the next level, then together we can create something really special, more  effective and transformational. I can’t wait to connect with you and personally engage with you in the most powerful ways in your program and in the Quantum Field.  Let’s awaken your new possibilities and help you become more grounded, stronger, happier and more confident. 


1 (201) 360-2059

All Items in this package are in digital format for immediate download. Not available on CDs. Due to the Nature of this Offering and these Electronic Products, there will be no refunds. All Sales are final. 

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