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Protect Yourselves by Learning

For Empaths & Intuitives

The SECRET PROCESS to ELIMINATE STRESS, OVERLOAD & ANXIETY in just 2 Minutes! No more! Guaranteed!

Yes! Count Me In!

Did you know that world events and disasters as well as pandemics like the CoronaVirus cause empaths and intuitives much more stress, overwhelm and overload than anyone else, even if the event isn’t happening in your area?

95% of ALL illness is caused by stress in the best of times, let alone right now, while we’re deep in this COVID-19 pandemic! And especially now, with all that’s going on, empaths and intuitives are the most at risk!

From absorbing and taking on other people's negative energy, including negative thought patterns, fear, worry, trauma, and even other people’s illnesses. Empaths also absorb negative energies from dangerous events and disasters happening all over the world including negativity and terrifying information from the spirit world.

During these times, right now, there is so much more negativity and frenetic energy causing empaths to become overloaded, overwhelmed, and overstressed much faster than before! Most of the time, empaths are NOT fully aware of the amount of stress they are taking in on a daily basis until it becomes too late and this is why empaths are truly the most at risk right now.

Did you know that reducing your stress is the #1 thing you can do to boost your immune system and protect your health?

You’ve probably tried these time-consuming methods like mindfulness, yoga, relaxation techniques, supplements, journaling, and listening to soothing music to reduce your stress with little success.

If you’ve tried to reduce your stress so you don’t get sick… and failed… 
Listen Very Closely. 

"I've been there!"

I started feeling stress, with so much intensity that my heart started to beat so fast. It would even skip beats and I thought it would kill me! As an empath, I felt things so deeply that the intensity of my stress was over the top! Instead of things getting better, things just kept getting worse. The intensity increased. 

This was well beyond normal stress. I started getting anxiety attacks, and I never knew when they would strike.

I experienced so much extreme fear that many days I was not even functional. I had to stop working as a life and business coach, so I could find a solution. 

This would prove quite difficult as no one could help me. From psychologists to healers, nothing worked!  

Almost every time I went to get help from a practitioner, I would respond with even more stress and fear, making my situation much worse than before. Since I was scared of the solutions that were being offered because I was in “protection,” an experience of fight or flight, even during and especially after the session I would freak out with fear. I was always in fight or flight and any little stress would just throw me over the edge! 

I reached out to a local hypnosis center for help, but it happened yet again... they could not help me! I didn’t know what I was doing wrong?  

So I was motivated to heal my extreme stress problem, so I worked day and night studying stress including 20 different healing modalities to figure out what causes stress, what amplifies stress, and how to heal stress. 

Through years of working on myself, my own stress, and working with other people, I became an expert at understanding stress and the difference in how empaths and intuitives like you and me experience stress.  

I took these years of experimenting, years of deep learning, and years of helping clients, and from these extraordinary lessons and my personal experience as an empath, I created my own healing modality called Quantum Energy Transformation™. Then I applied the principles of my modality to myself and healed myself from deep stress, anxiety, and fear. I’ve never looked back and I continue to help others do the same.  

Listen, I went through thick and thin to learn this stuff and to create real change because I could not move forward in my life with this much stress and anxiety.  

I’ve done a lot of work on this and as a result, I want to make this journey easier and faster for you.  

It took me a very long time to become stress and anxiety free. In fact, it was quite painful and as an empath, it felt like I was too sensitive to deal with so much stress. Often I could not function. I felt paralyzed in my stress. And on top of that, most of the stress and anxiety that I felt wasn’t even mine. I was picking up other people’s stuff, negativity, thought patterns, and what was happening in the world and was left with no resources to deal with it. BUT it won’t be that way for you... I want to help you so you won’t have the same difficulties and problems I was forced to deal with.  

I started nailing down what really worked for eliminating stress and created a life-altering stress elimination process that works in just 2 minutes. So many of my students experience this process daily as a solution for not just relieving, but fully letting go of their stress!  

Even if nothing else has worked in the past, my process will work for you. I promise you that! And, even if you don’t have the confidence you feel you need to eliminate your stress, just realize that I was where you are now and not only did I eliminate my stress, I also eliminated my anxiety. So if I can do that, I know you’ll be able to follow this simple step-by-step process and become stress-free today; in just 2 minutes, once you learn it. 

Joshua Bloom Photo

And today I’m excited to announce that this system is available to you right now. Introducing…

The Stress Eliminator by Joshua Bloom
The Stress Eliminator by Joshua Bloom

The proven system for eliminating 
stress in just 2 minutes, Guaranteed!
[Not a Typo - It really does work in 2 minutes]

You might think health issues are caused by bacteria or pathogens, but that would be wrong! What most of us don’t realize is stress disables your body’s immune system making you vulnerable to these bacteria and pathogens causing you to get sick.

Lipton explains that we are all continuously undermining our system by using up our vital energy and closing down our immune system by living in stress. Instead of being in growth where the body is strong and self-healing, we live in protection, where we are lucky if we don’t get sick. This is the crossroads where stress turns into disease.

Joshua Bloom and Bruce Lipton

Joshua offers a new possibility! His fast and effective process gets you back into growth where you’ll strengthen your immune system, heal and repair your cells to become stress-free. Living in growth will prove to have a positive effect and keep you healthy.

Learn to Release your stress in just 2-minutes. This process takes transformation to another level. Not only will it help you release your stress, but it will also help you release trauma, overload, overwhelm, and even fear. It’s easy, and it works!

Anyone can do this process, even a child. Many of Joshua’s students use this process to live a Stress-FREE, happy, and healthy life! Learn to get out of stress instantly. The results are quite profound!

Yes! Eliminate My Stress!
95% of all illness is caused by stress!



Marija Strat, Sweden

"I could clearly understand the importance of doing this process for myself daily. I benefit from faster releases and get more stable in my own frequency. It is like my energy is moving in a nice flowing way almost always, and my energy stays on the high frequency where I am right now in my evolution."


Jan Firstenberg, New York

"The material Joshua teaches us is truly transformational. I found myself opening up to possibilities that I had never been open to before and because of that I experienced amazing results. As you experience this process, you truly learn how to eliminate your stress."


Shirley Bass, Hawaii

"Oh, my goodness... I ran out of energy, after a long day of shopping. I thought, "Okay, Joshua, what do I do now?".... I remember how Joshua taught me to release... it worked! In 3 short breaths, I got my energy back. I couldn't believe how instantly my frequency increased. I felt so much better. It was wild! I was good to go for the rest of the evening. I was even able to help a friend when this happened to her."


Margarita Foley, United Kingdom

"Joshua, I must say again how delighted I am with your program. I feel I am really getting into it now. It has helped me so much with my anxiety around my brother's health. I am no longer worrying or stressing. I am beginning to be more creative too."


Elizabeth Reese Clouser, Pennsylvania

"Joshua is the Real McCoy! Joshua lights up my world daily as I discover more of my Quantum Powers. He lives what he teaches and can help you learn to get yourself way beyond whatever the problem is and you'll keep on evolving. What a blessing he is!"


Liyako Matsuda, New York

"Thank you very much for the amazing healing energy and guidance! My head went through a hurricane for a minute, and I seemed to be emotional, but it was all a healing cry, and I was so happy to get rid of the old stuff! There is a big joy inside of me now. It is amazing! I, again, deeply appreciate your healing and guidance."

Yes! Count Me In!

The truth about stress is that it’s a major problem today with what’s happening in our world and I’m not the only one saying this. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. says we all live in stress and it’s chronic. Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, and Eckhart Tolle all have spent their life overcoming stress to have joy, to beat the odds, and become emotionally balanced.

Yes, this may be the most important thing you must focus on in your life right now to strengthen your immune system, find happiness, and live the quality of life you deserve.

Yes! Count Me In!
The Stress Eliminator
The Stress Eliminator

With the new STRESS ELIMINATOR MASTER CLASS, Joshua Bloom takes you even further to another level of possibility as he shows you exactly how to kick the fight or flight habit to the curb and stay in “growth” as your default way of being.

Totally Life-Changing! 



how to eliminate your stress, boost your immune system, and always be healthy and well. 

the difference between STRESS and ANXIETY and how to release them both, quickly, if not instantly. 

there isn’t only situational stress. We also have hidden stress from cell phones, microwaves, fluorescent lights, pesticides, pollution, and more. Releasing all stress is the key! 


the Power of Intention allows you to choose the possibility that works best for you, and how to bring that intention into your life. 

about The Quantum Field and an innovative way of being which allows you to make changes that you could not make any other way.


The Stress Eliminator by Joshua Bloom

A $697 Value For Just $27

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have slashed the price!


3 Videos teach you a powerful Quantum Energy Transformation™ process for instantly releasing your stress. You will learn the basic steps to the process, why the process actually works, plus tips to ensure your success.

VALUE $200.00


I have taken comprehensive notes and you get them all... You get the complete process all written out, in an easy to understand way that’s simple to execute. This uplevels your ability to see quick results. You can only succeed!

VALUE $97.00


Years of learning and trial and error condensed into fast track teaching methods that show you exactly what you need to know and nothing more… You Get What You Need Quickly and Get Results.


Yes! Eliminate My Stress!
The Stress Eliminator Graphic


Quantum Guarrantee

I am 100% committed to giving you the tools, processes, and training you need to eliminate your stress. I’ve put my heart and soul into making this program easy and effective so it will work for you. It’s designed to be extremely effective. It’s Guaranteed that you will get results.

If you’re not experiencing relief and results, I will make sure that you get extra support from my team to help you fully get there. That's how committed I am to your success, and that’s why I guarantee that my program will eliminate your stress.

If you go through this program completely by participating fully, watching every video from start to finish, perform The Stress Eliminator process daily for 7 days, ask for support and still don’t eliminate your stress in 2-minutes as promised, just fill out my simple questionnaire and I’ll give you a personal session worth $350 with a Quantum Energy Transformation™ Certified Practitioner. And I’ll give it to you for FREE! I’ll personally make sure the process works for you 100%! That’s how confident I am that my program will work for you! That’s Your 100% Quantum Healing Center, LLC Guarantee. 

You have 2 choices…

#1. Do nothing and just keep getting what you already have -- never change those old habits of feeling stressed and overwhelmed, wondering, "what if..." 

 #2. Jump into your possibilities and give yourself the tools you need to become free of stress, overwhelm, and anxiety starting today.

The Stress Eliminator Graphic

Click here to complete the secure form and get instant access! 

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