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Five Tips for Protecting Yourself from Entities and Other Negative Energies

Do you fear that what you can’t see could possibly hurt you? In the movies we often see goblins, ghouls and scary stuff that makes us worry or have concern in our real life about the unknown.

You may ask yourself – “Could I become the victim of a psychic attack? Or could entities, zombies or the dead hurt me in some way?” What if the answer were Yes?

For those of you who’ve had experiences, you know that entities are everywhere, and those at the most risk are spiritual people. Are you protected? What happens if you don’t learn to protect yourself and ward off these energetic attachments? Let’s NOT find out!

How can you protect yourself from all of these energetic sources of danger? What you’ll discover is that it’s easier than you think! You won’t need a healer, psychic or exorcist. Actually, you will be able to do it on your own with ease. Wouldn’t it be good to understand how to take care of such negative energies yourself?

I’m going to show you how to do this yourself in a moment, but first I want to share with you the number one reason why spiritual people have problems with entities and other negative energies. It’s actually about the state of health of your energy itself.

If your auric field has holes, or is weak, you’re likely to allow entities into your system as if you’re just holding the door open for them. You can shield yourself from these entities and negative forces quickly and easily.

Become free from the fear, and from entities themselves with my:


  • Center yourself daily and throughout the day.

  • Push your aura out with your intention to protect yourself and repair your personal field instantly.

  • STOP holding your breath to reduce stress. Throughout the day, notice when you’re holding your breath and remind yourself to breathe. Breathing is good!

  • Strengthen your energy system by keeping your awareness at the base of your spine or under your feet 95% of each day.

  • Raise your energy frequency with your intention and breath. Be grateful for who you are and feel the energy of love daily as an easy way to stay in high frequency.

What’s different about my Entity Release Work is that I have a simple and easy solution that is so powerful it creates permanent results. I want you to be rid of entities forever! I am excited for you to discover how this solution can help you resolve any issues you may be having with entities or other dangerous energies, and become free quickly and easily.

Remember, the power is already within you. You don’t need outside sources, protectors, crystals, gadgets, shields or anything else. You just require YOU. You are amazing! Remember that!


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